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Discover our Smart Valve Concept for Camera and Sensor Cleaning

Our Electromagnetic Valves help keep LiDAR, sensors, cameras, windscreens, and lamps clean and reliable

Step into the future of autonomous driving with Kendrion's solutions for camera and sensor cleaning. Our electromagnetic valves safeguard the reliability of LiDAR, sensors, and cameras, efficiently distributing cleaning media to different nozzles, e.g. rear screen, rear camera, head lamps or LiDAR. Designed for diverse ADAS applications, these valves ensure optimal performance, making everyday driving maneuvers safer.

For reliable cleaning of your rear window and rear camera, we have developed our Electromagnetic 3/2-Way Valve with and without Electronic Control Unit (ECU). It applies the optimal pressure and ideal flow rate to the nozzle of the Driver Assistance System to keep sensors and cameras crystal clear. Efficient liquid usage and minimal water consumption are guaranteed.

Responding to the evolving needs of autonomous vehicles, Kendrion introduces also a Smart Stackable Electromagnetic 2/2-Way Valve Concept. Tailored for OEMs and system designers, it supports pressure-loaded sensor cleaning systems. With features like sensorless position detection, OBD-diagnosis, and individual replaceability, Kendrion's valve setup meets stringent automotive safety standards.

Experience enhanced cleaning systems that redefine safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the cleaning of cameras and sensors for autonomous driving.

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