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Smart, stackable electromagnetic 2/2-way valves: unmatched flexibility, optimal cleaning!

Spearheading cleaner automotive innovations - crafting a precise and reliable cleaning system for Autonomous Vehicles Level 2+, 3, 4, 5

As autonomous vehicles gear up for enhanced cleaning systems, the need for efficient valves is becoming increasingly important. KENDRION responds to this development and introduces it's stackable electromagnetic 2/2-way valve concept - a smart solution hosting up to six valves on a single manifold. This design caters to OEMs and system designers, offering a seamless solution for pressure loaded sensor cleaning systems helping to keep LiDARs, sensors, cameras, screens and head-lamps, clean and reliable. Our valves distribute cleaning media to the different cleaning system’s nozzles with optimal flowrate at given input pressure. This leads to an increased cleaning efficiency with minimized power consumption. With the ability to switch pressures up to 5 bar, our valve concept can quickly provide precise cleaning processes in air and water systems. In addition, our smart system efficiently controls BLDC motors for central water pump or air compressor operations.

Our valve setup meets rigorous automotive safety standards, boasting an IP65 or higher rating. The benefits are clear  -flexibility and economy with easy replacement of individual valves, effortless installation and connectivity with quick-connector compatibility, and an all-round sustainability approach, minimizing waste and energy consumption.

Flexibility and economy: The platform's adaptability stands out as it accommodates from one to six valves per manifold, providing unparalleled flexibility, ensuring efficient power consumption.

Effortless installation and connectivity: With quick-connector compatibility for both hydraulic and pneumatic configurations, the system guarantees seamless integration and streamlined operation.

Sustainability all-round: The stacking concept allows for more compact integration, reduced weight, and fewer wires. And to conserve resources, each valve is individually replaceable when the ECU signals the end of its life or in the event of damage or failure, eliminating the need to replace the entire manifold.

Working principle: Smart, Stackable Sensor Cleaning Valve Solution in Autonomous Vehicles Level 2+, 3, 4, 5
Discover KENDRION's Electromagnetic 2/2-Way Valves for ADAS – efficient cleaning systems for autonomous vehicles. With precise distribution and optimal flow rates, our valves ensure pristine conditions for critical components. Watch our video now to see the future of vehicle cleaning systems in action.

Benefits at a glance

  • Flexible Manifold Concept | enables 1 to 6 valves per manifold; valves individually replaceable; possibility to cascade manifolds
  • Cleaning Media | water, ethanol or air
  • FLEXIBLE E/E Interface | embedded LIN or Private-CAN communication
  • Efficent Energy Management | sleep mode / wake-up handling; peak-hold functionality; embedded power driver
  • Operation Monitoring / Self Diagnosis | sensorless armature position detection; sensorless temperature control; blocking protection and avoidance; pre-heating functionality; switching counter - predictive maintenance
  • OBD-Interface | Diagnosis and error handling
  • SW-Update | Flashable via bootloader
  • Optional Pressure relief valve | Passive or active system protection
  • EMC/ EMI Product Compability | Optimized PWM slew rate
  • FUSA READY | According to ISO 26262
  • CYSEC READY | According to ISO/SAE 21434

Technical specifications

Valve Type 2/2-way NC (normally closed)
Medium Water resp. Water/Ethanol 1:1, Air
Flow Rate / Pressure Drop > 3l/min @ Δp = 0.5 bar (fluid); >270 Nl/min @Δp 1 bar 5 bar rel. 0C° (air)
Ambient Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
Medium Pressure 0 bar to 5.0 bar
Communication LIN or Private CAN Interface
Voltage Range 11 V to 16 V
Max. Current Consumption 2.5 A (PWM controlled) / valve
Driver Embedded Power Driver / valve
Peak-Hold Current 2,5A peak / 1.5 A hold (PWM controlled) / valve
Duty Cycle max 30%
Response Time <= 50ms
Protection Class > IP65
Max. Leakage < 3cm³ / 24h (water)
Durability 1,000,000 Switching Cycles
Dimensions 2-Valve Manifold approx. L 105 mm / W 65 mm / H 70 mm (without connector)
Features Sensorless Armature Position Detection; Sensorless Temperature Control; Peak-Hold Functionality; Anti-Blocking Function; Pre-Heating Function
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