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Driving dynamics for tomorrow’s vehicles

With our eCDV valves for active damping we offer a higher level of driver safety and comfort in varied driving and road conditions

KENDRION offers driving dynamics for the vehicle generations of today - tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!

Especially for new vehicle generations, the demand for more comfort and safety is constantly increasing. Under different driving and road conditions, this can be made possible by active damping systems

The damping is continuously adjusted - with the help of our valves - while the vehicle is in motion. This significantly improves traction, comfort and handling. With our modular products, manufacturers of damper systems can significantly shorten their development times and thus reduce costs. This means KENDRION can quickly provide proven and customized solutions for you.

Benefits at a glance

  • Most advanced, independent supplier
  • Best PQ curve
  • Short design
  • Short times to SOP
  • Years of experience

Technical specifications

Type Suspension valve, 2/2 proportional
Setting Comfort at low power, firm at full current
Failsafe 0-0.15 A
Max. working pressure 200 bar
Max. pressure loss at 30lpm 6-8 bar
Min. pressure loss at 3lpm 60-80 bar (adjustable)
Max. flow 100 lpm
Nominal voltage 13.5 V
Control current 0.4-1.6 A
Resistance 4.6 +- 0.5 Ohm
PWM frequency 1-2 kHz
Temperature range -40°C up to +120°C, short time +140°C
Working principle | Active Damping
Kendrion adaptive car suspension components. We control and adjust your system quickly and reliably.
Actuators for electronically controlled dampers

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