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Kendrion contact
Head Office
Kendrion N.V.
Vesta Building - 5th floor
Herikerbergweg 213
1101 CN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Emission-free into the production of the future: Heat inductively!

In many industrial processes it is important to generate heat. Often, this heat must be available quickly and it must be possible to turn it off just as quickly. In addition, this heat must be distributed evenly and must be able to be controlled dynamically and according to demand. The heating should also require as little energy as possible.

With inductive heating systems from Kendrion you can expect efficient, precise and clean solutions for your heated tools. Find out more now!

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    Kendrion presents its innovations in the field of control technology at SPS 2021 as a co-exhibitor. We look forward to an exciting dialogue with you!

    Due to the current covid-19 situation, we have decided at short notice not to exhibit at the SPS.

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    Induction heating - The superior heating strategy in industrial processes

    Connectable to PROFINET ETHERCAT CANopen or another fieldbus system.
    The modular heating system (MHS) consists of a controller and up to seven generator modules that supply inductors with optimally adapted power.

    The induction heating systems are designed for manufacturing processes involving electrically generated heat. This includes applications in the plastic processing industry and the textile industry as well as drying processes in the paper industry.

    Induction heaters are increasingly being used to heat the tools such as rollers, rolls or cylinders. Not only are they emission-free, they can also provide the heat quickly and switch it off again just as quickly. The inductive heat (up to 250°) can be evenly distributed and allows dynamic control exactly as required.

    Heating according to the eddy current principle

    The technology is based on the eddy current principle, in which a magnetic alternating field is generated with the help of high-frequency alternating current, which is introduced into the metal in a defined manner. The resulting eddy current losses generate a thermal power that can be precisely dosed by changing the current flow. Due to the exact controllability of the temperature, the heating process can be reproduced exactly, which ensures a high quality of the process. The temperature is measured directly in the jacket with up to four measuring points. In addition, uniform heating is achieved by a multi-zone design of the surface and roller inductor.

    Kendrion offers energy-optimised induction heating systems whose components are precisely matched to each other.

    The Kendrion induction generators are designed as a modular system. They consist of a controller and up to 7 stackable induction generators. The controller can be integrated into the control of a machine via a fieldbus interface (e.g. Profinet®). The control of the individual induction generators and the retrieval of status messages is carried out for all connected generators via the central controller. Depending on the configuration, the controller can also control the heating channels with integrated PID controllers. The units are designed for installation in control cabinets.

    Download Flyer - Inductive Heating

      Application examples for Kendrion induction heating systems

      Godet heating in synthetic fibre production

      Induction heaters from Kendrion are used in synthetic fibre production plants. Here it is important to heat the plastic used to a uniform and precisely defined temperature at a narrowly defined point in the production process.

      Waffle baking with induction

      In the food industry, induction heat is used in waffle baking machines. For good reason! Induction heating systems heat the baking plates precisely and evenly, ensuring an optimum baking result.

      Heating rolls for printing, embossing and paper handling

      The modular system is used for heating rolls and plates in the field of printing, embossing or paper handling. With up to 7 generator modules per field bus module, different numbers of heated elements can be equipped.

      Inductive Heating Keyfacts

      Benefits at a glance

      Maximum machine availability
      •  Fast heat-up time

      •  Quick start of production

      •  Maintenance-free, no oil changes, no slip-ring wear

      •  Simple tool change thanks to rapid cooling

      •  Very long service life thanks to cool bearings

      Optimum temperature control
      • Reproducible heating process (high quality assurance)

      • Temperature measurement directly in the surface with max. 4 measuring points

      • Uniform heating due to multi-zone design

      • Low unproductive time, as heat is generated directly in the surface


      CO2 reduction
      • Emission-free heating
      • High efficiency
      • No heat loss (e.g. from oil pipes)
      • No heating of unnecessary masses (e.g. oil)
      • No cooling unit required
      Safety and cleanliness
      • No machine contamination due to escaping media

      • Lower injury risk (e.g. due to hot oil)


      Excellent automation capabilities
      • Modern microprocessor-controlled electronics

      • Fieldbus capable: Profinet®, CANopen, EtherCAT®

      • Numerous diagnostic functions


      Tailored solution from Kendrion
      • Complete heating system with harmonised components

      • Customised adaption for your needs

      • Modular heating systems


      We support you from technical feasibility to series production!

      LEFT: Concept modular roller inductor (width: 125 mm, diameter: 120 mm - 400 mm, power: 3 kW per module; alternative dimensions and power on request) RIGHT: Thermographic image of an inductively heated roller (©Kendrion)

      By transforming your processes or plants to induction heating concepts, you are a pioneer and a visionary. Not only does the heating process become more climate-friendly, but above all you achieve an increase in productivity and the quality of the end products.

      With Kendrion, you have a partner at your side who not only specializes in the production of induction heaters, but also has extensive expertise in planning and design.


      What services does Kendrion offer?

      A core competence of Kendrion is numerical simulations of magnetic as well as fluid and thermodynamic processes. With our analysis tools, we can model even complex processes and design them with high precision. This enables us not only to evaluate the success of feasibility studies and preliminary developments, but also to produce concrete designs and samples as well as the final series product.
      We are happy to provide support both in an advisory capacity and in the active solution of technical problems.

          Representation FEM simulation inductor (©Kendrion)

          Our services include in detail:

          • Perform a joint process analysis

          • Set up functional specifications

          • Developing conceptual solutions

          • Creation of the design

          • Selection and adaptation of the induction generator

          • Development of the inductor

          Heat input and field distribution in magnetic circuit (©Kendrion)
          • Creation of a sample design

          • Realization of the series production

          • Creation of a sample design

          • Realization of the series production


              Datasheet | Controller Profinet
              pdf - 651 KB
              Datasheet | Induction Generator 4x7,5 kW
              pdf - 685 KB
              Datasheet | Induction Generator 6x3 kW
              pdf - 686 KB
              Flyer | Inductive Heating
              pdf - 667 KB
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