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Give your Exhaust Gas Treatment

a boost to increase operating times and reduction of emissions!

Our valves control the flow of additional air to the exhaust system which supports catalytic converter heating. Modern catalytic converters reach their operating temperature at approximately 200 °C. During the warm-up phase, engines are operated with excess fuel to ensure smooth running and prevent misfiring.  The excess fuel can be used to reach the operating temperature of the catalytic converter more quickly. This is done by introducing air, so that hydrocarbons in the catalytic converter can react exothermically and contribute to faster heating. This helps to reduce emissions when starting the vehicle.

Benefits at a glance

  • Scalable modular design
  • Diesel and gasoline solutions available

Technical specifications

2/2 normally closed  
Modular fixation and air connections  
Integrated check valve to close mechanically in actuated condition in case of back pressure  
Voltage range 10,8-16V
Flow rate 17 kg/h @10mbar pressure loss
Durability 100.000 cycles
Environmental Temperature -28°C to +160°C
Working Temperatur -28°C to +260°C
Max. current 2,2A
Max. on time 10min
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