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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Recloser solenoid

Using new technologies Kendrion Mishawaka was able to redesign a custom solenoid actuator with a simpler production process at a lower cost and smaller size. This was done through collaboration with the customer in an efficient manner meeting strict deadlines.

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Success Stories

Udderly Genius Designs

Helping our customer regain innovator status in the milking industry was the major goal in the update of their existing product. Through a novel sealing arrangement and other material updates our customer was able to renew their patent along with reducing cost.

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Solenoids for sorting and logistics

Process Automation

Sorting and Logistics

Parcel Sorting Solenoid

Linear Sorting Solenoid

Replacing pneumatic actuators and making parcel handling systems less complex, more reliable and much quieter in operation is what Kendrion achieved by developing the LSS Latching Solenoid.

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Solenoids for the agricultural industry


Our Solenoid Valves Keep You On The Correct Path...

foam marker solenoid valve

Foam Marker Valve

This valve is used to control the flow of soap and water into a dispensing head. The head drops sections of foam so that the operator can see which rows they have already gone down.

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Solenoid valves for fluid control

Fluid Control

Our Valves Keep Things Flowing In The Right Direction...

Isolation Valve

Isolation Valve

Our isolation valves are designed to keep the solenoid components isolated from controlled fluids. A diaphragm is used to make sure there are no areas for fluid or particles to collect and ensures proper sealing.

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Who is Kendrion Mishawaka?

We specialize in the design and manufacturing of electromagnetic solutions such as solenoids, solenoid valves, and complete assemblies, including the controls. Our engineering expertise creates smart solutions that meet our customer's needs.

Custom is Our Strength - We don't just sell products. We provide solutions. Our technical expertise in electromechanical and electromagnetic devices combined with out consultative approach allows us to precisely develop the parts you need. Custom solutions provide more efficient designs that translate into lower costs and more productivity.

From 100 to 100,000 - Whatever the need is, we'll meet it. Whether you need a handful or a truck-full, we'll provide a solution that boosts performance at a reasonable cost.

Re-think Convention - Our products are built using the most innovative magnetic technology in the industry. And our research and development process breaks through conventional ideas and limitations of solenoid performance. With the right solution, we'll re-imagine what a magnet can do for you.


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We deliver worldwide! If you can't find a local Kendrion facility, contact us and we will find one near you.

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