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Kuhnke Rotary Line

Rotary Solenoids

Rotary Solenoids Kuhnke Line - Overview

Looking for a solenoid for an application requiring a repeated rotational movement with high torques? Kendrion’s Rotary Solenoids do just this along with high life time and short switching cycles. Fast and reliable operation at maximum precision is accomplished with a ball-bearing mounted shaft and is great for quick pivotal movements between two positions. These rotary actuators are a perfect fit for medical and laboratory technology as well as in sorting gates and locking systems. Due to their insensitivity to linear acceleration the rotary solenoids work well in railway engineering and devices in aircrafts and commercial vehicles. The two different versions of Kendrion’s Rotary Solenoids are the D series with round housings and the E series with housings in a square form. The E series offers higher efficiency with higher torque taking up less space. The solenoids are also available as a two-directional rotary solenoid meaning that there are no springs in the system and both end positions are held magnetically.