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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Electromagnetic Actuators by Kendrion IMS

Kendrion IMS is international manufacturer of electromagnetic actuators and solenoids as well as a provider of innovative customer-specific solutions.
Together with our customers we ensure successful R&D projects for electrical actuators, mechanical assemblies and mechatronic solutions.

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The new rotary solenoid from Kendrion reaches a high rotation angle, is small sized and is for example used for locking of sliding doors in public buildings.

Turning lock for sliding doors | steam release | sorting switch

New Compact rotary solenoid

Based on a standard type (diameter of 30mm, rotation angle of 90°), the modular design allows for customised adaptions in a fast and easy way.
Furthermore various feature such as hall sensor for position detection or damped stops can be integrated.

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The locking solenoid from Kendrion is a compact locking system which can be operated by power supply or by battery.

Locking of doors | drawer | lockers

Mobile locking solenoid

The locking system excels by a compact scale, energy saving design and it is easily retrofitable. Besides stationary application, mobile devices (e.g. tool trolleys) can be locked safely by battery operation.

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Cost advantages from electrical operated stopper

Solenoids and other electromagnetic systems in automation

With electromagnetic actuators for the positioning of workpiece carrier in transfer systems, high cost advantages can be realised compared to a conventional pneumatic solution. This is revealed in our study by comparing the costs over the lifetime of a facility.

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In the grid of the electricity supply - the picture shows an electric power substation of a wind power station - high operational security and fast reaction times are required. Electromagnets and high performance solenoids helps to interrupt contacts within milliseconds, if it is imperative.

Full speed in high voltage installation

Secure grid with powerful solenoids


Capacitor Switches for the Energy Technology

Energy supplier must react in a split second. Kendrion has developed electromagnetic switches for the safe operation of high voltage systems.

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Kendrion develops for the medical engineering

Clean dialysis with electromagnets

The picture shows the control panel of a dialyser. In the machine, a filtration pump is working operated by electromagnetic components from Kendrion IMS. The pump is moving the dialysate and contributes to the separation of toxic substances.

The reliable dialysis pump

Electromagnetic components are perfectly suited for the medical engineering. They allow clean and reliable developments as the filtration pump in the dialyser.

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Solenoid for safety and energy industry

High speed electromagnet reaches switching time < 3.5 milliseconds

Fast solenoid with switching time of single-digit milliseconds

The high performance solenoid reach very fast switching times. Because of that, the electromagnet meets the high requirements for the application as a high voltage ciruit breaker.

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