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Kendrion contact
Head Office
Kendrion N.V.
Vesta Building - 5th floor
Herikerbergweg 213
1101 CN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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OUR STRONGEST keep what they promise

NEW: The High Power Team in four sizes

The high-performance linear solenoids of the LHP series are our strongest. That's why they are used wherever large forces, short switching times, and high efficiency are required in a small installation space. The electromagnets achieve high power density thanks to a superior magnet design, which impresses with its optimal copper-iron ratio and precise cone control. Compared to, for example, round solenoids, the solenoids of the LHP series can be built very compactly, making them the first choice for numerous applications. In addition to the high force, the linear solenoids also guarantee easy assembly, dynamic switching, and long service life. The application range of the LHP-Series solenoids extends from high voltage circuit breakers to railway door interlocks and general actuation functions of automation and medical technology.

The High Power Team - Discover the possibilities now

The LHP series is now available in four new sizes. Thanks to the modular design of the LHP high-power solenoids, numerous configurations can be realized with the same basic solenoid. This comprises different strokes, power, and voltage variants. Furthermore, the solenoids can be equipped with increased IP protection, different connection technology, optional return spring, and other attachments.

  •     The LHP025 with an edge dimension of 25 mm                                       Download datasheet LHP025
  •     The LHP035 with an edge dimension of 35mm (standard version)      Download datasheet LHP035
  •     The LHP050 with an edge dimension of 50 mm                                       Download datasheet LHP050
  •     The LHP070 with an edge dimension of 70 mm                                       Download datasheet LHP070



Particularly powerful thanks to square design

The Kendrion high-performance linear solenoids impress with unique power and resistance due to their square design.

The colored B-field shows the strength of the magnetic flux passing through the iron circuit in the high-performance linear solenoid. The warmer the colors are shown, the higher the magnetic flux density. If a coil is used to generate a high flux, a very strong magnetic field is produced because the magnetic flux generated has little iron cross-section available. The high-performance linear solenoids are characterized by the particularly high power density and can be mounted in a versatile way with a small installation space due to the square design.

Linear Solenoids LHPkey facts

Benefits at a glance

  • The LHP convinces with an unique high power density due to its FEM-simulated iron circuit in square design in combination with the optimal copper-iron ratio and its precise cone control.

  •  The LHP with an edge dimension of 35mm achieves forces of 160 N.

  • Due to its high power density and square shape, the LHP linear solenoid is extremely compact.

  • This makes the LHP series a space-saving wonder for all applications where only limited installation space is available.


Easy mounting
  • The square design of the LHP allows both front and side mounting.
  • Therefore, the linear solenoid can be easily integrated into different applications.
Fast switching
  • With switching times of less than 30ms, the LHP series is extremely dynamic.

  •  This makes it suitable for use in time-critical applications, e.g. in energy technology.

  • The solid construction and its precise armature bearing make the LHP solenoid extremely wear-resistent and robust.

  • Depending on environmental influences, 10 million switching cycles can be achieved.


  • Due to the modular design of the LHP, numerous configurations can be realised with the same basis solenoid.
  • Different strokes, power and voltage variants, increased IP protection, connection technology, optional return spring & further attachments.

General Technical Specifications

Parameter Value
Supply Voltage 230 V AC / 24 / 205 V DC
Duty cycle 5 / 25 / 40 / 100 %
Stroke 5 - 20 mm
Force 5 - 160 N
Pull-in time 60 - 200 ms
Release time 40 - 100 ms
Thermal class F
Protection class device IP40 / IP54
Installation type Front side by threaded holes
Protection class connection IP65
Accessories Connector with/without rectifier
Fork head with/without ES-bolt
Return Spring


Brochures and Flyers
Catalogue | High Performance Solenoids LHP
pdf - 2 MB
Brochures and Flyers
Technical Explainations | Electromagnets & Actuators
pdf - 2 MB
Datasheet | High Power Linear Solenoid LHP025
pdf - 889 KB
Datasheet | High Power Linear Solenoids LHP035
pdf - 892 KB
Datasheet | High Power Linear Solenoid LHP050
pdf - 887 KB
Datasheet | High Power Linear Solenoid LHP070
pdf - 893 KB
Application report | Fall protection for lift technology
pdf - 1 MB
Application report | Door protection in railways
pdf - 222 KB
Application report | Locking of automatic doors
pdf - 212 KB
Application report | Positioning of X-ray arm
pdf - 229 KB

Fields of Application

Industrial Actuators and Controls
Sales Team Donaueschingen