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Kendrion contact
Head Office
Kendrion N.V.
Vesta Building - 5th floor
Herikerbergweg 213
1101 CN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Certified explosion protection

Kendrion is a manufacturer of ATEX linear solenoids, which are primarily used where sparking constitutes a significant safety hazard. These explosive areas with flammable gases and vapors are found in mining, in refineries, on oil platforms, or in other chemical plants.

The explosion-proof linear solenoids of Kendrion comply with the European ATEX guideline 2014/34/EU for devices and protection systems intended for proper use in explosive areas.

This was tested by the Physical-Technical Federal Institute (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, PTB) resp. by the IBExU (Institute for Safety Technology) according to EN 60079.

Ex-Solenoids with Ignition Protection Type „Increased Safety”, Ex “e”

The most critical requirement for explosion-proof solenoids is to prevent the ignition of an explosive atmosphere in the operational environment. This means that the solenoid may neither reach temperatures above the temperature class of potentially occurring gases nor form electrically or mechanically induced sparks.

All linear solenoids which Kendrion offers for explosion protection are compliant with the ignition protection type “Increased Safety”, Ex “e”. For this purpose, special design precautions have been taken to shield the coil inside the solenoid from its environment. Furthermore, the components of the solenoid were designed to achieve an extremely high temperature resistance. Thus, the Ex-solenoids can be used in the temperature class T4 (up to + 135°C).

Linear Solenoids by Kendrion for Explosion Protection

Kendrion offers a broad portfolio of standard linear solenoids in Ex-design. The electromagnetic actuators convince through:

✓ high forces

✓ dynamic switching

✓ long service life

The ATEX linear solenoid consists of a pot magnet and a connector housing, providing a connection for the protective conductor, according to EN 60079.

Both the steel housing and the aluminum connector housing are designed in the ignition protection type “e”. The models from size 10 on also have a mounting base. The Ex-solenoids are suitable for use at an ambient temperature of -20°C to +40°C (with type 41 03E13K03 from -20°C to +35°C). Depending on the rated current, the solenoid must be operated with a suitable upstream fuse resp. with a motor protection switch provided by the customer. Furthermore, a varistor must ensure that the breaking voltage is not exceeded.



Benefits at a glance

  • Dynamic and reliable switching
  • Ignition protection type „e“ for increased safety
  • Prevents the occurrence of sparks and arcs
  • High forces
  • Long service life

Technical Data of Explosion-Proof Solenoids

Explosion protection: II 2G Ex eb IIC T4 Gb, Duty Cycle 100%, Protection class of device and connection IP54

Type Height x Length Supply voltage Nominal Power Stroke Force
Size 06
123 x 230 mm 24V DC 21W 15mm 20N
Size 07
133 x 240 mm 24V DC 25W 20mm 30N
Size 09
150 x 260 mm 24V DC 32W 20mm 50N
Size 10
150 x 285 mm 24 V DC
110V DC
25mm 60N
Size 11
116 x 315 mm 24V DC 40W 30mm 75N
Size 11
115 x 215 mm 200V DC 48W 15mm 160N
Size 13
180 x 315 mm 24V DC
110V DC
180V DC
205V DC
30mm 120N
Size 13
180 x 315 mm 200V DC 59W 15mm 240N
Size 14
180 x 410 mm 24V DC 77W 40mm 150N
Size 16
210 x 475 mm 24V DC 83W 50mm 160N
Size 18
205 x 490 mm 24V DC 106W 50mm 250N


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