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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Industrie Safety Technology

Electromagnets for safety applications

Safety Technology

Kendrion is a manufacturer of electromagnetic components for safety technology, especially used in the fields of locking devices in fire protection technology, safety switches, magnetic lockings, automatic door systems and in different areas of elevator technology.

Electromechanical Safety Switches

In order to comply with the European norm EN ISO14119 doors, flaps and covers which must be closed during machine operation have to be locked by interlocking devices. Accordingly, safety switches are widely used in production plants, e.g. to ensure machine tool safety. Depending on the requirement there are safety switches with and without guard locking. In most safety switches with guard locking electromagnets are used.

The electromagnet serves the purpose of keeping a locking bolt (attached to the door) in engaged position. The bolt is locked in safety position by the movement of a linear solenoid in the safety switch (attached to the door frame). In the monostable design (mono-/bistable linear solenoids) the door lock is locked by a spring and unlocked by an electrical signal transmitted to an integrated linear solenoid. In the bistable design both the locking and the unlocking is controlled without any spring force by the energy supply.

For the high requirements in the areas of process and personal protection Kendrion uses extremely reliable linear solenoids and holding solenoid systems. Kendrion guarantees six million or more switching cycles for the solenoids. Furthermore, high stroke or holding forces are realized in very small installation spaces, thus achieving locking forces of up to 6,500 N.

Holding solenoid systems are increasingly used for the guard locking in safety switches. By applying voltage in closed position extremely high magnetic holding forces prevent the opening of the protective device. For this purpose, the holding solenoid is mounted to the movable part of the protective device (door) and an armature to the fixed part (door frame). To achieve an extremely high resistance to media or wear the holding solenoids of Kendrion have a special coating. The use of holding solenoids is beneficial if safety switches are exposed to heavy contamination due to ambient conditions.

Due to many years of experience in the area of safety switches we can develop optimum solutions with our customers. In spite of a high number of manual work steps during the manufacturing of solenoids we are striving for zero-defect production.

Door Holding Solenoids for Fire Protecton Technology

The construction supervision authority prescribes that for reasons of constructional fire protection a building must be divided into fire areas. This division is achieved by smoke or fire protection doors. Keeping these doors open is only allowed if they are equipped with electromagnetically controlled hold-open systems. Door holding solenoids keep the closures open and release them (controlled by a central fire alarm system) in case of a fire hazard. The electro holding magnets are activated by interrupting the power supply.

The safety technology is characterized by particularly high requirements to the reliability and monitored quality of the electromagnetic solutions. In the area of fire protection the magnets must be compliant with country-specific (among others VdS, NF) and European certifications (EN 1155) the manufacturer is responsible for (CPD / CPR guideline).

Kendrion provides support by customer-oriented development and many years of know-how along with the corresponding experience and knowledge of the market. Durability, quality, 100% tests, test documentation, customer-orientation, cooperation with test institutes and the use of specific materials regarding ambient conditions and applications are constantly in focus. Faster (switching), smaller (size), stronger (holding) – features which offer safety and competitive advantages.

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