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Linear solenoids from Kendrion can be used as stopper units in transfer systems

Electromagnetic stopper

Case Study

By the means of a realistic example, the costs of two stopper systems are compared. One comprises electromagnets and the other pneumatic cylinders.

The study shows that the higher investment in electromagnets is amortised after two years in use.

Electromagnetic stoppers offer many advantages

More and more companies recognize the benefits of electric actuators in the factory and process automation. The electrically operated actuating elements are often not only more cost-effective but also more easily controllable and configurable than pneumatic cylinders. These advantages take effect especially if all parts of an assembly line can be driven electrically so that a factory can be operated completely free of an air pressure infrastructure.

In this connection Kendrion develops electromagnetic components and overall solutions for the stopping, separating or positioning of workpiece carriers in automated assembly systems.
Electromagnetic actuators (linear solenoids or rotary solenoids) are the ideal drives for stoppers, separators and positioning units. They excel in particular by their high life-time, stroke force and lateral force bearing capacity.

The electromagnetic stoppers developed by Kendrion are operated by means of advanced linear solenoids achieving very high forces with compact design. Therefore, our stoppers and separators are extremely space-saving but still allow for a high pallet speed. Our solenoids switch very fast which makes the stoppers ideal for use even with short cycle times. Depending on the application the Kendrion separators are equipped with a damping module.

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