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Kendrion contact
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Herikerbergweg 213
1101 CN Amsterdam
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One of a kind: The new Power Pinch Valve is suitable for PVC tubes thanks to its high clamping force

Discover now the numerous advantages of the new Power Pinch Valve!

The new "Power Pinch Valve" creates new possibilities - thanks to its uniquely high clamping force. With its slim dimensions of 84 x 53 x 146 mm, the electromagnetically actuated pinch valve achieves a force of up to 42 N. This means that not only silicone tubes can be clamped safely, but also hard PVC tubes with an outer diameter of 4 to 7 mm. This is ensured by the precisely matched solenoid and spring force of the valve assembly, the core of which is the reliable HD8 linear solenoid.

The Power Pinch Valve is available in two versions:

  •     NO (Normally Open): The valve is open in the de-energised state; clamping is by means of solenoid force.
  •     NC (Normally Closed): The valve is closed in the de-energised state; the clamping is spring-loaded.


The Power Pinch Valve is ideally suited for applications in which liquids have to be measured, filled or controlled reliably and precisely. The flow of the medium can be moved in both directions and there are no dead spaces. The Power Pinch Valve is also ideally suited for the use of highly aggressive media, thanks to a safe separation of medium and valve, thanks to two sealing systems. These increase the IP protection and ensure safe operation as well as user-friendly cleaning.

Optional sensor system:

For increased safety requirements, an electronic control for condition monitoring or flow detection can be integrated.



Kendrion Video

Watch the video and see how our brand new Power Pinch valves works.

The new Power Pinch Valve is strong, precise and suitable for tube made of PVC or silicone.

Application examples for the new Power Pinch Valve

Controlling the blood flow in dialysis

The Power Pinch Valve is optimally suited for use in dialysis. It clamps the blood flow precisely, reliably and quickly when needed. The very high clamping force of 42 Newton and our specially developed tube-protecting clamping geometry ensure reliable interruption and also enable the safe use of thicker tubes of 4-7 mm and also harder tube materials, such as the more cost-effective PVC.

Pinch valves in the watering control system

In the field of industrial agriculture, Kendrion's Power Pinch Valve can help increase the efficiency of watering systems while using less expensive materials. Cost-effective PVC watering tubes with a diameter of 4-7mm can be easily regulated by our Power Pinch Valve in the shortest possible time, so that the spreading loss is minimised. Our tube-friendly clamping geometry, ensures that the durability of the tubes used is maintained.

Flow control in bottling lines

The new 'Power Pinch Valve' from Kendrion is a precise tube pinch valve and helps to reduce costs in filling processes by allowing the use of cost-effective tube materials such as PVC. Diameters of 4-7mm are no problem for the Power Pinch Valve. This is made possible by the very high clamping force of 42 N.

Benefits at a glance

  • Large clamping force (up to 42 N)
  • Precise flow control
  • Universally applicable for different tube materials (PVC and silicones)
  • Medium is completely separated from valve
  • No dead spaces
  • Flow possible in both directions
  • Position detection possible
  • Compact design

General Technical Specifications

The technical specifications stated below are only exemplary.

Parameter Value
Diameters 84 x 53 x 146 mm
Function Normally Open (NO) /
Normally Closed (NC) selectable
Nominal voltage 24 V DC, other alternatives on request
Power supply
Duty cycle
100% DC
Clamping force 42 N
Operating conditions 5 °C to 40 °C
Operating pressure 0 - 2 bar (depending on the tube properties)
Tube Outer diameter 4 - 7 mm,
Thickness 1 - 1,5 mm,
PVC and silicones


Data sheet | Power Pinch Valve
pdf - 995 KB
Industrial Actuators and Controls
Sales Team Kendrion Malente