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Linear Solenoids Overview Kendrion

Linear Solenoid Overview

Linear Solenoid Overview

Looking for an off the shelf solenoid for a quick solution for your project? Kendrion has a high variety of standard solenoids to meet any of your potential needs. All of these solenoids work with the same basic principles of electromechanics with electrical energy converted to mechanical energy. This is done by energizing a coil causing the armature to move in a linear fashion closing the air gap between it and the pole piece. The armature moves from the stroke start position to the stroke end position. An external force such as a spring is generally responsible for the armature reset, but in some cases, like the reversible solenoids, no spring is needed and both ends can be held using some other force like a permanent magnet. Depending on the stroke length, overall size of the solenoid, the switching times, and the supply voltage needed to operate the solenoid we have different solenoids that will fit your desired use. For example, most standard solenoids operate using a DC signal, whereas our AC solenoids operate using AC signals or pulsed DC signals. This is just one example of the large variety of standard solenoids Kendrion has to offer.

  • Single Stroke Solenoids have long strokes and large forces with low power consumption at their maximum travel
  • Reversible Solenoids can be controlled in both directions with two coils included within the housing
  • Frame Solenoids are cost effective with tooled housings and small amounts of raw materials used in production
  • High Performance Solenoids are compact solenoids perfect for situations where installation space is limited
  • Mono-/Bistable Solenoids commonly called a latching solenoid due to its currentless holding abilities at end positions.
  • AC Solenoids have an extremely high switching power and long stroke making the overall size needed of the solenoid smaller than its DC counterpart

With our standard products comes short delivery times, guaranteed quality, and a large variety of reliable solutions to your needs. If you can’t find a standard product that fits your needs exactly reach out to our experienced sales team to see what customizations can be done to meet your specifications. Many of our standard products can be adapted to your needs easily, or if a completely new product is needed check out our custom solenoid design abilities. Our expertise in the solenoid industry makes us a great partner to develop new designs or adapt old designs with.