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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Standard Electromagnetic Products and Buzzers

Standard Electromagnetic Products and Buzzers Overview

Kendrion delivers high quality products when it comes to solenoids. The expertise and attention to detail makes us an industry leader and the first call you should make when a pressing need arises. In the Standard Electromagnetic Products and Buzzers category, Kendrion offers the solutions to make your products top-of-the-line with short delivery times for our products in inventory.

  • Buzzers are characterized through their adjustable volume control and are capable of producing up to 80 dB
  • Linear solenoids excel by extremely high forces, long stroke, and their maintenance free use
  • Latching solenoids are used in applications with excessive on-times to reduce power usage
  • Holding magnets from Kendrion are very compact and provide extremely high holding forces
  • Oscillating solenoids are characterized by their low energy consumption and maintenance free design
  • Rotary solenoids perform a rotational motion and are available with spring return or as a latching version
  • Solenoid valves from Kendrion are availiable as 2-Way valves and proportional valves

Our standard electromagnetic products are used in machine building, packaging industry and automation technology. They are built for universal use and are cost-efficient solutions ideally suited for use in precision mechanical and industrial applications. Our electromagnets excel in compact design and individual mounting options.

Whatever your Electromagnetic Product and Buzzer need is, we at Kendrion are here to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Our teams of experts are on stand-by to help solve any problem you face. Check out our standard electromagnetic products to see what we have done to help our customers succeed!