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The shotbolt solenoid from Kendrion can be used with a 9V bock battery as it is highly energy-efficient.

Shotbolt solenoid

The shotbolt solenoid LLB can be adapted in various ways: battery operation, position detection, and emergency unlocking mechanism. Due to the energy efficient design the shotbolt lock unit is decorated with the "GREEN SIGNED" label.

Product Information

Kendrion developed the new electromagnetic locking especially for applications to be used at alternating locations and therefore as self-sufficient as possible. The complete locking unit (size 71,5mm x 25 x 28 mm) is based on a bistable electromagnet which can be operated both by power supply and by battery.

The magnetic locking bolt is kept in open position by the force of a permanent magnet. When a current is applied the magnet is triggered and locks by extending the bolt. Due to that bistable design up to 95% of energy can be saved.

The bolt can withstand lateral forces of 1,000 N at a battery service life of at least 50,000 switchings. Moreover, sensors for end position detection can further increase safety of the safety bolt.

Specifications & Technical Details

Specification from - to
Supply voltage [V] from 6 to 50 V DC
(optional lithium battery 6 AM6 9V/1200mA)
Duty cycle [%] 25
Stroke [mm] 7
Force [N] 50 (permanent magnetic)
Radial forces [N] 1,000 (front side installation)
500 (lateral installation)
(locking/unlocking only frictionless)
Protection class device (IP) IP40
Position detection (optional) hall sensor
(Minus switching, 5 - 30 V, max. 30 mA)
Installation type By threaded holes at front and bottom side
Comment Locking pin Ø: 15 mm