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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Kendrion is manufacturer of elevator brake solenoids (spreader solenoids).

Elevator brake solenoids

Elevator brake solenoids with short stroke and high magnetic force, particularly suitable for use in elevator and escalator drives for the release of block resp. drum brakes.

Specifications & Technical Details

Type Diameter x Length Stroke Force (START) Force (END) Input power
(40% DC)
88 x 120mm 2mm 450N 700N 68W
(40% ED)
98x136mm 2,5mm 590N 1,100N 84W
(40% ED)
115x140mm 3mm 750N 1,050N 90W
(40% ED)
135x165mm 3mm 1,260N 1,800N 131W
(40% ED)
135x225mm 4mm 1,500N 3,000N 182W
(40% ED)
165x250mm 4mm 2,800N 3,750N 201W

Product Information

Elevator brake solenoids (spreader solenoids) of the Kendrion Elevator Line are linear solenoids with short stroke and high magnetic force. The brake magnets are used as actuating solenoids in drives of elevators or escalators for releasing the brakes.

The brake magnets (also spreading magnets) of the Kendrion Elevator Line are lifting magnets with short stroke and high magnetic force. The brake magnets are used as actuation magnets in drives of elevators or escalators for the braking of brakes.

Depending on the requirements, a single spreader solenoid or a double spreader solenoid (dual-brake system) is used. While the single acting spreader solenoids are pushing solenoid actuators in one direction, the double-acting spreader solenoid consists of two solenoid systems in a housing, which press in two opposing directions.

Both types have increasing magnetic force characteristics. Depending on the coil design, there are different duty cycles available.


When operated with over-excitation (40% duty cycle) the elevator brake solenoids are overexcited by high power during the actuating phase, so that a high initial force is achieved to overcome the spring.

An overexcitation rectifier reduces the holding voltage as soon as the magnet is in the end position. In this case, the Standard duty cycle is 80%. This approach is very energy saving and enables the provision of a high attraction force with the smallest possible space.

Double-acting spreader solenoids

Due to the increased safety requirements of the manufacturers, the double-acting elevator brake solenoid (double-acting spreader solenoid) is mainly used in modern systems.

In the case of brake solenoids for elevators and escalators, it is often necessary that the switching noises are reduced. Kendrion offers the possibility to equip the brake solenoids with a stop damper. The double-acting spreader solenoid also have a manual release.