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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Worldwide manufacturer of electromagnets

History & Brands

The traditional brands Binder, Neue Hahn Magnet, Thoma Magnettechnik and Magnet AG laid the foundation for the successful development of the Industrial Magnetic Systems Group.

The W. Binder Company was founded in 1911 by Wilhelm Binder. In the early 1920s, Wilhelm Binder began to develop and manufacture electromagnetic components, such as clamping devices, safety solenoids, solenoid drums and shift-lock solenoids. The product range was steadily increased, and productions plants were continuously enlarged.

In 1953, the first appearance at the “Hannover Messe” helped to gain international recognition. Over the years, more than 100 patents and utility models were registered. In 1997, the enterprise was sold to the Dutch group Schuttersveld N.V. – today known as Kendrion N. V.

Hahn Magnet was founded in 1952 in Inzigkofen-Engelswies by Fred Hahn. In 1966, the Company name was changed to Neue Hahn Magnet GmbH & Co.KG. Years of experience in the development and production of solenoids, especially in the area of door locking and safety technology, set the foundation for the Company's success. Since 1999, the Engelswies location belongs to the Kendrion Group. In 2001, the two locations Donaueschingen and Engelswies merged to form a limited liability company within the Kendrion Group.

Thoma Magnettechnik was founded in 1965 in Brigachtal by Gerhard Thoma. Expansion forced the Company to relocate to Donaueschingen in 1968 - today home of the Magnetic Systems Group headquarters. As a specialist for shift-lock and holding solenoids, Thoma Magnettechnik gained an international reputation, and had great success, not least because of its customer-oriented solutions. In 2000, “Thoma” was acquired by Kendrion N.V


Market and market position

Industrial Magnetic Systems’ main market continues to be Germany with its advanced market-leading mechanical engineering and automation industries. The USA, China, France and Italy are the other most important countries for the business unit. Special attention was devoted in the year under review to market developments in the USA and technology transfer from Europe to the USA.

The business unit focuses on niche markets that feature excellent growth figures and that are gaining importance for the future. These markets include the energy, medical & pharma, transportation and safety industries.

Industrial Magnetic Systems’ Chinese operation focuses on customer and product applications that require a high level of technical know-how, product quality and reliability. In principle, the business unit focuses less on the low-cost segment of the market. However, attention is also being devoted to the simpler applications required by the Chinese market so that the business unit can expand its operations in this region and acquire strong market positions.
The beverage industry is the most important market segment for the business unit’s US operating company, which is the clear market leader in this segment. Expansion into other niche markets is being implemented.

Objectives and Strategy

Industrial Magnetic Systems continues to expand its position from a player on the European market to a global player in specific submarkets, whereby the business unit’s objectives are to achieve powerful organic growth and excellent returns.

Industrial Magnetic Systems develops new project activities in its markets by means of relationships with customers operating on a global scale or possessing powerful positions in local submarkets. In addition, Industrial Magnetic Systems’ project activities have enabled the business unit to expand its operations to the provision of modified products and services.

These operations offer less risky opportunities to generate revenue, certainly in more difficult economic times. During the coming years the business unit will focus on selected key markets where the most important developments are foreseen in the global industry.