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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Kendrion (Aerzen) GmbH – Aerzen

In a factory building which was established in 1999 Kendrion (Aerzen) GmbH develops and produces electromagnetic clutches up to 5 Nm as well as magnetic particle clutches and brakes up to 320 Nm torque. Since 2012 also permanent magnet brakes in approved quality are produced at Kendrion (Aerzen) GmbH (formerly: magneta). With or without flange respectively electromechanical vented you receive permanent magnet brakes for a torque range from 0,1 – 45Nm for various applications.

Product Portfolio

  • Electromagnetic clutches and brakes
  • Magnetic powder clutches and brakes
  • Clutch-brake combinations
  • Control units
  • Small permanent magnet brakes

Kendrion (Donaueschingen/Engelswies) GmbH – Donaueschingen

The main location of the business unit Magnetic Systems is in Donaueschingen (Baden-Wurttemberg). In 1999, after the merger with Neue Hahn Magnet, the field of industrial magnets was transferred from Villingen to Donaueschingen. The core competence lies in the development and production of shiftlock, holding, locking, spreading, controlling and vibrating solenoids for industrial applications of our globally oriented customers. The project orientation guarantees an efficient and successful cooperation.

Product Portfolio

The main location Donaueschingen represents the complete product portfolio of the business unit Industrial Magnetic Systems.

Kendrion (Donaueschingen/Engelswies) GmbH – Inzigkofen-Engelswies

In 1952 the engineer Fred Hahn founded the company Hahn Magnet in Engelswies (Baden). In 1966 the name was changed to Neue Hahn Magnet because the company was taken over by Magnet AG Schweiz, a subsidiary of Binder – today Kendrion. In 2001 Neue Hahn Magnet merged with the company then named Thoma Magnettechnik GmbH within the holding company Kendrion, thus forming Kendrion Magnettechnik GmbH.

Product Portfolio

The location Inzigkofen-Engelswies represents parts of the product portfolio of the business unit Industrial Magnetic Systems. Customer-specific modifications for medical and safety engineering, feeding technology and ATEX-approved products are manufactured.

Kendrion (Markdorf) GmbH – Markdorf

In 1971, Karl Heinz Linnig set up an engineering office for drive technology in Friedrichshafen. Already with its first own development, an electromagnetic fan clutch for coaches and buses, based on the "steel on steel" working principle, the Company was able to set new standards in this area. The corporate headquarters have been in Markdorf since 1978 and since 2007, the Company has become the business unit Commercial Vehicle Systems of the Kendrion Group. Apart from the headquarters in Markdorf, the business unit also has locations in Mexico, Brazil, China and India. Kendrion Commercial Vehicle Systems technologies are used in the commercial vehicle sector, in off-highway applications, as well as in the area of fire-protection technology.

Product portfolio

Products of the following areas are developed and produced at Kendrion (Markdorf) headquarters: engine cooling systems, A/C compressor drives, belt management and drive systems for auxiliary units. Our products stand out through innovative technologies and long service life, and lead to significant fuel savings. Other Kendrion innovations include shutting-speed regulators for protection against fires as well as clutch-brake combinations used in engineering.

Kendrion (Villingen) GmbH – Villingen-Schwenningen

In 1911 Wilhelm Binder founded the company W. Binder in Villingen-Schwenningen and began his trade with the production of precision parts for clocks. Today, the two business units Passenger Cars and Industrial Drive Systems are united at the location. The business unit Passenger Cars develops specific solenoids and solenoid valves for the automobile industry. The core competence of Industrial Drive Systems lies in the development of electromechanical brakes and clutches for the industrial drive technology.

Product Portfolio

The location Villingen-Schwenningen represents the complete product portfolio of the business units Passenger Cars and Industrial Drive Systems.

Passenger Cars develops and produces project solutions for specific customer applications in the automotive and special vehicle industries.

Industrial Drive Systems develops and produces electromechanical brakes and clutches for
the industrial drive technology. Applications are for accelerating, decelerating, positioning, holding and securing movable drive components and loads. They are mainly used in robotics and automation technology, in machine tools and production machines, in medical technology and machine handling.

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH – Malente

In 1928, Hellmuth Kuhnke and Friedrich-Wilhelm Berger founded a company named Hellmuth Kuhnke in Kiel to produce transformers, rectifiers and inverters. After moving to Malente in the Schleswig-Holstein region, the company started producing relays in 1947, followed by the
production of rotary solenoids from 1958 onward. Later, pneumatic and electronic components were added to the portfolio, while the relays business was sold. Especially over the past 10
years, Kuhnke developed from a manufacturer of standard products into a technology partner of the automotive and automation field, specializing in customer-specific solutions. In May 2013, Kendrion N.V, took over the Kuhnke Group.

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation GmbH represents the Industrial Control Systems business unit of the Kendrion Industrial Division. The company develops, manufactures and distributes customer-specific mechatronic solutions to optimize automated industrial processes. It is a
technology partner of companies in industries, such as mechanical engineering and medical devices. Customers include major companies in technology fields, such as medical devices, renewable energy, aviation and commercial vehicles, as well as machinery, device and equipment manufacturers.

Product Portfolio

The core competencies of the Industrial Control Systems business unit focus on areas, such as control and drive technology, fluid technology and solenoid technology. By means of cross-technology integration, the custom-designed mechatronic assemblies of the unit result in tangible benefits in fields such as costs and logistics.

Kendrion Kuhnke Automotive GmbH – Malente

Kendrion Kuhnke Automotive GmbH represents the Automotive Control Systems business unit of the Kendrion Automotive Division. The company produces and distributes custom-designed components and system solutions for various applications in the automobile industry.

Product Portfolio

The core competencies of the Automotive Control Systems business unit focus on areas, such as
solenoid technology, sensor technology, electronic systems, sound systems and pneumatics. Besides contributing to increased safety, comfort and functionality of modern vehicles, the intelligent solutions of the unit also offer vital benefits to reach ambitious targets in fields such as fuel consumption and environment protection.

A special field of know-how of the unit are innovative sound systems. With such systems, a special
electro-magnetic converter is used to simulate engine sound to be experienced both inside and outside the vehicle. This sound actor can be precisely tailored to the requirements of a brand or the
characteristic of a specific automobile model.