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Kendrion contact
Head Office
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Herikerbergweg 213
1101 CN Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Pilot Operated Solenoid Valves

For large flows - inexpensive and versatile

With only 1 W power consumption the pilot operated solenoid valves series 63.1 V switches flows of more than 270 l/min of air! This is possible due to a directly operated solenoid valve that controls the underlying main valve at two bar pilot pressure via an air bypass. The nominal pressure application-wise may be up to 8 bar at the same time. These cost-efficient valves are a reliable solution for a wide range of different applications such as even the complex pre-control of process valves for the liquid processing industry.

The well-proven design and long-term production expertise result in a secure switching of the valve and its reliable function during the whole lifecycle. Before leaving our production facilities, all valves pass a test for functionality and leakage.

These often-called “pilot valves” are available as 3/2-way NC (normally closed) and NO (normally open) valves. We supply different electrical connection options such as pins, wires or connectors. Either 24 V DC or 12 V DC are available for standard nominal voltage. The pneumatic connection is a flange connection.

The manual override as rotary knob or “paddle” for the use without additional tools facilitates the commissioning of the series 63.1 V valve in any application.

Well-proven sealing and housing materials allow the use in the most different production environments. In addition, if needed all technical parameters are adaptable to customers and application requirements.


Benefits at a glance

  • Compact design
  • High flow rates at low power consumption
  • Long-term reliability
  • Cost-efficient design

General Technical Specifications

Parameter Value
Nominal voltage 24 V DC and 12 V DC (standard); others on request
Pressure range 2 - 8 bar
Orifice size 2.6 mm
Flow (air) ≥ 270 l/min at 6 to 0 bar
Kv-value 3.2 l/min
Functions 3/2-way NC/NO
Protection class IP 51
Pneumatical connection Flange
Environment temperature From -20 °C to +60 °C
Power consumption 1 W
Duty cycle ED = 100%
Electrical connections Wire / plug
Dimensions 56 mm x 15 mm x 31 mm
Materials Sealings: NBR (standard); Housing: PBT (standard); others on request
Media Filtered (5 µm), lubricated or filtered and non-lubricated air or other gaseous media with a viscosity according to ISO-VG 10; others on request

Datasheet Download

Datasheet | Pilot Operated Valve Series 63.1V
pdf - 699 KB
Operating instructions
Chemical resistance of plastics | Kendrion valves
pdf - 987 KB

Due to their outstanding technical and commercial properties, the pilot operated solenoid valves series 63.1 V became a well-known component for control heads in process valves. As one of the core components, they switch pressurised air to control single- or double-seated valves in matrix-piped power plants.

All automated processes in breweries, dairies and other liquid and food processing power plants demand the secure function and long lifetime of all its components to prevent from production losses and downtimes. At the same time, manufacturers face an extremely competitive environment. Pilot operated solenoid valves series 63.1 V contributes to the best possible price ratio.

The full potential of series 63.1 V valves leads to any other imaginable application where high flows are required to control pneumatic actuators like cylinders or rotary drives. - Thanks to their compactness and low power consumption.

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