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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Germany - Malente

Kendrion Kuhnke Automotive GmbH

Developement, sales and manufacturing location

In the year 1948 the head office in Malente was built. Since then high-quality products are developed, produced and distributed. This includes components as well as customized mechatronic systems.

For small to medium volume assembly stations of manual and partially automated processes are used. The production of large quantities is achieved by fully automated assembly equipment. So we are an attractive supplier for both OEMs and first- and second-Tiers. All production processes are standardized and follow the principle of lean manufacturing. This permits a flexible and cost-effective response to changing requirements.

The Industrial Engineering team consists of the departments Prototyping, Equipment Technology Service (equipment manufacturing and control systems) and Process Development and is your link between development and production.

In addition, we use the methodological skills with the 5S principle "Avoiding waste by order and cleanliness". Thus we achieve, that inefficiencies are easily detected and eliminated. A clean and tidy work environment provides the basis for our quality work.

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