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Sprayer Solenoid Valve Kendrion

Can your valve handle the heat...

Sprayer Solenoid Valve - Agriculture

Solenoid Valve - Case Study Agriculture

The blazing heat of the summer months can take its toll on those working in the farming industry. It’s not just the workers but the machinery that helps get the important tasks completed. Along with this, the parts made for these products must not only work but thrive in hot temperature environments. They have to be dependable and relied upon not to break down. Failures can result in decreased output and profits.

Kendrion Mishawaka had a prominent customer from the agricultural industry approach them with a quality control issue in this area. More specifically, the customer was having temperature issues on a solenoid valve that was being used on farm equipment for spraying applications such as foam markers and pesticide sprayers. The major problem occurred when the valve overheated and melted in the open fields. This rendered the sprayer useless and caused the customer to go search for a higher quality, more durable solenoid valve. The problem was that the recent supplier didn’t want to change specification because of the medium quantities needed.

That search ended at Kendrion Mishawaka. The direction was clear: the client needed a valve that could withstand the high temperature climate of the agricultural market. The valve had to not only fit in the same area, but be able to be screwed into the same place as well. The existing part was located in a box to protect the valves from the harsh environment. The downside was that the sprayer valves got significantly hotter in the box exceeding the capabilities of the current component. A larger point: the quantities. Kendrion was able to find a way of designing the valve from scratch while still providing the customer a return on investment, compared to the past sprayer valve, of under one year. If the issue wasn’t resolved quickly, the customer was headed in the direction of getting rid of all their equipment related to this product. There was high pressure to find an answer.

Kendrion Mishawaka went to work. By using high temperature plastics, they were able to thwart the overheating issues. Our ability to design custom valves and work with the customer on their individual needs to provide proper guidance was crucial in making this relationship a successful one. Timing was vital as well. Although the entire process took around a year from the start of the project to the beginning of production, Kendrion Mishawaka was able to get an initial design of the future sprayer valve to the client within four days. This type of responsiveness and quick turnaround time gives us a competitive advantage in the custom-build field.

What were the features of this new sprayer valve? As stated above, the use of high temperature plastics helped ease heating issues. Also, more tooled and less machined components kept the valves costs down. This is a staple of the Kendrion Mishawaka way. We custom build electromagnetic solutions not only with quality and efficiency in mind but want to help our customers maximize profits and stay at the top of their respective fields.

Along with this custom design aspect, we help improve off-the-shelf electromagnetic products which results in greater sales volume and higher visibility for customers interested in buying a product in this particular field. Because of our vast experience in creating these types of valves for clients, we were able to draw inspiration from past projects to get this one done timely. That’s what the client wanted and we delivered and met expectations in a responsive fashion.

Another feature to this successful client relationship was the testing Kendrion Mishawaka was able to perform. The extensive amount of testing is not a typical feature for all customers but in this instance it was necessary because of the limited resources on our customer’s end and the pressing timeline. Through the testing, we found no heating issues in the field and other environmental checks were able to pass our stringent quality standards. We always make sure that our custom-built valves perform at peak levels. In the end, the customer got the sprayer valve they desired and resolved a major product issue. Kendrion Mishawaka can help clients deliver quality, long-lasting parts and make a bottom line difference in profits.

At the end of the day, we met their goals. Kendrion Mishawaka works on projects like these every day. A customer will approach us and have a certain problem that needs to be addressed. Our expert team of engineers will design an efficient product to meet your specifications. See our entire lineup of electromagnetic products and services to learn more about Kendrion and our capabilities. If you have an idea for a project or need help with a more cost-friendly solenoid solution, reach out to us directly and we’ll get to work on your question or issue.