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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Solenoid Assemblies and Systems Kendrion Mishawaka

Solenoid Assemblies and Mechatronic Systems

Solenoid Assemblies and Mechatronic Systems Overview

Another major product line for Kendrion are the different solenoid assemblies and mechatronic systems we create to help our customers solve problems. Solenoid Assemblies and Mechatronic Systems are complete packages including mechanical linkages and/or circuitry rather than just single components. Our industry leading technology and engineering expertise assist in creating smart solutions to do exactly what our clients need.

We have several different examples of work we’ve created or are able to create for future customers. The Pneumatic Valve Board is a complete manifold assembly working as a plug and play solution including the solenoid valves, integrated plumbing and wiring and control unit. The Box Frame Solenoid is an actuator for an ice beverage dispenser. The Dual Wind Sensor Coil is applied in oil exploration and has “smart” sensing technology. The Encapsulated Clutch Solenoid has a rotary actuation detent operation and a hardened steel clutch plate that engages detents for “locking actuation.” To see other examples or the data sheet for the above mentioned examples, click on the “Read More” buttons.

Kendrion has a diverse portfolio of products and services. We will meet your expectations and deliver the quality and attention to detail you deserve. Explore our assemblies and systems and Contact Us if you have questions or issues. With customer needs increasing we have turned our target into getting maximized performance in a small space.