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Inline vibratory feeder driver KENDRION

Inline Vibratory Feeder Driver

Kendrion inline vibratory feeder driver are AC vibratory drives with integrated half-wave rectification in which the force effect of an electromagnetic alternating field is used to generate an arc-shaped vibratory movement.

Specifications & Technical Details

Specification from - to
Supply voltage [V] 24 - 230 V AC
Frequency [Hz] 50
Apparent power [VA] 14 - 200
Cycle stroke [mm] 1.3 - 1.5
Max. cycle stroke [mm] 1.6
Magnet weight [kg] 0.2 - 8.6
Protection class device (IP) IP00 / IP54
Protection class connection (IP) IP00
Accessories Bellows
Plug connector
Control unit
Installation type Through bores in base
Thermal class F
Comment The devices are suitable for load weights of 0.52 kg – 17 kg. For higher load weights several devices can be operated parallel or in series.

Product Information

The magnetic body with the excitation winding of the Kendrion inline vibratory feeder driver is fixed to a base. Mounted above is the armature plate separated by an air gap. The armature plate and the base are connected by leaf springs mounted at an angle.

The frequency of the AC-voltage applied corresponds to the frequency of the armature movement; due to the arrangement of the leaf springs the armature plate performs an arc-shaped vibratory movement.

The Kendrion inline vibratory feeder driver are infinitely adjustable by the associated control units using drive voltage and/or drive frequency.

The power indicated is reached at 90% of the nominal voltage and in warmed-up condition. The values for cycle stroke and load apply for nominal voltage and nominal load in warmed-up condition

For fine adjustment and extension we recommend our accessories. Please find detailed information in our catalogue Oscillating Line.