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Vibratory feeder coil by KENDRION

Vibratory Feeder Coil

Kendrion vibratory feeder coils effect a periodic vibratory movement of a particular frequency in spring-mass systems caused by the magnetic field. Depending on the geometric arrangement of the spring systems they generate directional, linear or concentric vibratory movements. The frequency of the movement equals the double frequency of the voltage applied.

Specifications & Technical Details

Specification from - to
Supply voltage [V] 24 - 230 V AC
Frequency [Hz] 50 / 60
Apparent power [VA] 15 - 3520
Nominal air gap [mm] 1 - 6
Peak force at nominal air gap [mm] 4 - 550
Armature weight [kg] 0.03 – 6.20
Magnet weight [kg] 0.18 – 26.30
Protection class device (IP) IP54
Protection class connection (IP) IP00
Accessories Connector plug
Control unit
Installation type Lateral through bores, threaded bore on front side, base plate
Thermal class Y
Comment Lateral cable outlet only possible with OAC 003…; OAC 006…; OAC 009…

Product Information

Kendrion vibratory feeder coils of the OAC series are solenoids with UI core shape and two excitation windings connected in series. They are primarily installed in spring-mass systems generating directional, linear oscillatory movements of the working unit. Excitation windings and core are plastic molded, therefore not susceptible to moisture or dust and perfectly suitable for rough conditions.

The effective amplitude here equals the double amplitude of the oscillating frequency of the whole system. Kendrion vibratory solenoids are infinitely adjustable by the operating voltage. They reach the full conveying power immediately upon switching on, and there are no troublesome starting and stopping effects of unbalance drives!

Kendrion vibratory feeder coils are eddy current optimized by modified manufacturing processes and completely made of UL-materials

The power indicated is reached at 90% of the nominal voltage and in warmed-up condition. The values for cycle stroke and load apply for nominal voltage and nominal load in warmed-up condition

For fine adjustment and extension we recommend our accessories. Please find detailed information in our catalogue Oscillating Line.