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Electromagnetic vibration generator by KENDRION

Electromagnetic Vibration Generator

The Kendrion electromagnetic vibration generators are AC-vibratory drives with permanent pre-magnetization in extremely flat design in which the force effect of an electromagnetic alternating field is used to generate an arc-shaped vibratory movement.

Specifications & Technical Details

Specification from - to
Supply voltage [V] 230 V AC
Frequency [Hz] 50
Apparent power [VA] 21
Cycle stroke [mm] 4 - 4.5 (with additional weight 150g)
Max. cycle stroke [mm] 4.5
Magnet weight [kg] 0.52 - 0.67
Protection class device (IP) IP20
Protection class connection (IP) IP00 (with connector IP54)
Accessories Additional weight
Connector plug
Installation type Through bores
Thermal class E
Comment Additional weights over 150g should be avoided as otherwise the maximum permitted cycle stroke is exceeded.

Product Information

The Kendrion electromagnetic vibration generator consists of two ring shells which enclose the coil and are permanently connected to the base of the device. The armature consists of two permanent magnets housed between the two pole discs and with opposite poles axially arranged. The magnets are fixed in central position by means of special leaf springs which are also permanently connected to the base of the device. When an AC-voltage is applied to the excitation winding the unlike poles of the armature and magnetic body attract each other, and the frequency of the arc-shaped armature movement corresponds to the frequency of the AC-voltage applied.

The electromagnetic vibration generator can be used as a vibratory drive and, fitted with an additional weight on the armature shaft, as a shaker solenoid. The integrated permanent magnets have a braking effect when switched off, thereby preventing reverberation.

The power indicated is reached at 90% of the nominal voltage and in warmed-up condition. The values for cycle stroke and load apply for nominal voltage and nominal load in warmed-up condition.

For fine adjustment and extension we recommend our accessories. Please find detailed information in our catalogue Oscillating Line.