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Single-stroke solenoids from KENDRION

High Power Line

Single stroke linear solenoids

The Single Stroke Solenoids of the High Power line excel by extremely large forces, long strokes and their maintenance-free use.

Specifications & Technical Details

Specification from - to
Supply voltage [V] 24 - 205 V DC
Duty cycle [%] 5 / 25 / 40 / 100
Stroke [mm] 8 - 50 In all solenoid models the solenoid stroke is the line “s” the armature has travelled from stroke starting position to stroke end position. The stroke starting position is the original position of the armature before the stroke movement starts resp. after the reset is finished. The stroke end position is determined by the solenoid design – it is the position the armature takes due to electromagnetic force.
Force [N] 8 - 600 The magnetic forces indicated are reached at 90% of the nominal voltage and in warmed-up condition.
Protection class device (IP) IP54
Protection class connection (IP) IP65
Accessories Female connector with/without rectifier
Fork head
Mounting flange
Installation type On front end via two threaded holes
Thermal class B
Pull-in time [ms] 80 - 780 The values for the switching times refer to nominal voltage, warmed-up condition and a load with 70% of the magnetic force of the device.
Release time [ms] 40 - 380

Product Information

The single-stroke solenoids of the High Power Line are pot magnets with high performance. They are manufactured with a horizontal characteristic curve.

The armature is led on both sides with maintenance-free precision bearings. This results in high resistance to wear, granting consistent solenoid performance throughout a long service life. This type series excels by small dimensions and low power consumption at maximum stroke movement, short switching times and smooth operation.

The products are manufactured and tested according to DIN VDE 0580/07.2000.

Design subject to change.