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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Permanent Electro Holding Magnets

Test Permanent Electro Holding Magnets consist of a permanent-magnetic holding system for the holding of ferromagnetic workpieces. The additionally integrated excitation coil serves to neutralize the permanent magnetic field at the holding surface.

Product Information

Permanent electro holding magnets of the Kendrion Industrial Line include all permanent electromagnetic holding systems in round and rectangular design.

These magnets consist of a permanent magnet which is installed into a magnet housing together with an excitation coil. The magnetic circuit which is open in switched-off state allows for currentless and safe holding of magnetic workpieces. When the DC-excited coil is switched on the permanent-magnetic field is neutralized at the holding surface and the workpiece to be held can be taken off. These magnetic systems are very energy-efficient as the magnet is only briefly energized to release the workpiece. They are used in particular if there are long holding times without energy consumption and where loads must be reliably and safely held in case of power failure.

As a manufacturer of these systems Kendrion offers the following standard models:

Series 01 320: Permanent (electro) holding magnets in round design with a diameter of 20-150mm

Series 01 310: Permanent (electro) holding magnets in rectangular design in lengths of 150 and 200mm

Series PEM: Permanent (electro) holding magnets in round design with a diameter of 12-25mm. A threaded rod at the rear side is available for installation.

The magnets achieve the maximum holding forces possible if the armature plate rests directly and to full extent on the surface. The holding forces reach from 8-3,500 N.

All products are manufactured and tested according to DIN VDE 0580.

Design subject to change.

Specifications & Technical Details

Specification from - to
Supply voltage [V] 24 V DC
Duty cycle [%] 25
Designs Round and rectangular
Sizes round Ø 15 - 250mm
Sizes rectangular Length 100 - 600mm
Rated power [W] 1 - 40
Force [N] 8 - 3500
Protection class (IP) IP65
Protection class connection (IP) IP00
Installation type Threaded bore(s) at rear side Threaded bar at rear side
Accessories Armature plate
Thermal class E