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Single acting elevator solenoids of KENDRION

Single Acting Elevator Solenoids

The single acting elevator solenoid is a single-stroke solenoid with short stroke and high magnetic force. It is particularly suitable for use in elevator and escalator drives as well as in industrial brakes for the release of shoe resp. drum brakes.

Specifications & Technical Details

Specification from - to
Supply voltage [V] 205 V DC
Duty cycle [%] 40 / 100
Stroke [mm] 4 - 8 In all solenoid models the solenoid stroke is the line “s” the armature has travelled from stroke starting position to stroke end position. The stroke starting position is the original position of the armature before the stroke movement starts resp. after the reset is finished. The stroke end position is determined by the solenoid design – it is the position the armature takes due to electromagnetic force.
Force [N] 220 - 4500 The magnetic forces indicated are reached at 90% of the nominal voltage and in warmed-up condition.
Protection class device (IP) IP54
Protection class connection (IP) IP54
Thermal class B
Pull-in time [ms] 310 - 990 The values for the switching times refer to nominal voltage, warmed-up condition and a load with 70% of the magnetic force of the device.
Release time [ms] 30 - 75

Product Information

The single acting elevator solenoids of the Kendrion Elevator Line are single stroke solenoids with short stroke and high magnetic force.

The stroke movement takes place from the stroke starting position to the stroke end position by electromagnetic force and by the reset due to external forces. The product can be installed in any position.

The armature bearing is realized in two DU bushes (axis-axis) and absolutely maintenance-free in axial direction.

The interior of the solenoid is protected against the penetration of dust and humidity by means of sealing rings, O-rings and a sealing plate.

If the solenoid is used for the release of shoe brakes it must be loosely hang up into both forks.

If mounted to the housing cover it serves as a normal single stroke solenoid.

Depending on the coil size the solenoid is suitable for normal excitation or overexcitation.

When operated with overexcitation the spreader solenoids are overexcited by high power during the actuating phase and then switched over to normal excitation (100% ED). This results in high attraction forces. The overexcitation rectifier type 33 43302D00 can be installed upstream. In order to reduce the switching noises these solenoids are equipped with a damping of limited effectiveness.

The products are manufactured and tested according to DIN VDE 0580/07.2000.

Design subject to change.