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Double Acting Elevator Solenoids from KENDRION

Double Acting Elevator Solenoids

Double Acting Elevator Solenoids with short stroke and high magnetic force, particularly suitable for use in elevator and escalator drives as well as in industrial brakes for the release of block resp. drum brakes.

Product Information

Double Acting Elevator Solenoids of the Kendrion Elevator Line consist of two single-stroke solenoid systems accommodated in one housing.

Depending on the model the solenoids are suitable for normal excitation or for overexcitation (on request).

When operated with overexcitation the spreader solenoids are overexcited by high power during the actuating phase and then switched over to normal excitation. This results in high attraction forces while at the same time the thermal load is reduced.

A large selection of overexcitation rectifiers attuned to the solenoid and individual case is available (accessories). The switching noises generated by the release of shoe brakes with devices for normal excitation are greatly reduced by the installation of stop dampers.

Devices for overexcitation are generally equipped with damping, but the effect is only limited. Between the solenoid systems there is a hand release allowing for a simultaneous stroke movement of both armatures.

The housing has got a base for installation. Optionally the solenoid can be attached on the front side (on request).

The products are manufactured and tested acc. DIN VDE 0580.

Design subject to change.

Specifications & Technical Details

Specification from - to
Supply voltage [V] 205
Duty cycle [%] 40 / 100
Stroke [mm] 2 - 4
Force [N] 240 - 2600
Protection class device (IP) IP54
Protection class connection (IP) IP54
Thermal class B
Pull-in time [ms] depending on installation
Release time [ms] depending on installation