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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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About us

Kendrion (Switzerland) AG

The Kendrion Binder Magnet AG was formed out of the Magnet AG and the Binder & Geisser AG within the Kendrion Group. At the 1st of July 2012, the name was changed to «Kendrion (Switzerland) AG».

The company is a competent business partner for electromagnetic components and complementary products in Switzerland. The acquisition of the company Kuhnke and the cooperation with the company Bonfiglioli Vectron makes the location Switzerland a flexible systems supplier in the area of control and drive technology.

Beside the domestic market, Kendrion (Switzerland) AG covers with their innovative products and solutions a wide range of countries in Europe, Asia and USA.

Product Portfolio

The location Hausen am Albis represents the complete product range of the Business Units «Industrial Magnetic Systems», «Industrial Drive Systems» and «Industrial Control Systems». In addition, Kendrion (Switzerland) AG sells frequency converters and shaft couplings as useful completions of the product portfolios in the area of drive technology.

Customer-specific development

An important part of our activities are customer-specific developments. Our decades of experience covers a spectrum from the smallest solenoid for medical technology and the actuator for highly reliable nuclear power applications up to extremely robust triggers in defence technology or in space applications.

Take advantage of our experience and our know-how for your applications.

History & Brands

Magnet AG

In 1947 Mr. Wipf founded the company Magnet AG, manufacture and trade of solenoids, in the neighbouring village of Ebertswil. A few years later he moved into the new and modern factory building in Hausen. In 1968 the German company Hahn GmbH in Inzigkofen-Engelswies which also manufactured solenoids was taken over. In 1999 the company was integrated into the Kendrion Group.

Binder + Geisser AG

This technological enterprise was founded in Wallisellen in 1980. The main activity was marketing the electro-magnetic products of the brand Binder. Later the company became the general agency for the Vectron frequency converters. In 1997 Binder + Geisser was integrated into the Kendrion Group.

Merger 2001: Kendrion Binder Magnet AG

In 2001 the merger of the two enterprises resulted in the Kendrion Binder Magnet AG. More than 20 employees worked in production and administration. The product range includes solenoids, electro-magnetic brakes and clutches, frequency converters, motors and other equipment. The brands Magnet AG, Binder, Thoma, Neue Hahn and Bonfiglioli Vectron ensure our position als market leader in Switzerland.