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rotary solenoids

Kuhnke E3 - E9

Rotary Solenoids

Rotary solenoids of the Kuhnke Rotary Line from Kendrion are the preferred choice for applications in the field of automation technology requiring a repeated swivel movements. A ball-bearing mounted shaft guarantees fast and reliable operation at maximum precision.

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Rotary Solenoids Kuhnke E3 - E9

Product Information

Rotary solenoids are preferably used where quick pivotal movements between two positions need to be implemented with a low drive complexity. All models are available for pivotal movements between 25° and 95°.

Preferred models are designed for 24 V DC operation and 100% ED. The Kuhnke BOR range with shafts on both sides can be used as right-handed or left-handed version with rotary angles between 45° or 95°. These solenoids are equipped with a return spring mounted at the right-hand shaft. Depending on the size of the solenoid, its rotary angle and the duty cycle it might be necessary to use a so-called „soft“ return spring. These rotary solenoids can be recognized by an order number featuring the additional code „DS9429“.

Alternative shaft designs, as well as models with mounting flange or reverse rotary solenoids are available on request. Possible modifications also include individual solenoid designs for special operating voltages or specific duty cycles, as well as individual connection technologies, such as custom-made cable strands or terminals. Generally, these solenoids are designed for DC operation at a nominal operating voltage of 24 V. Using an additional external rectifier, models designed for 205 V DC operation can be operated directly at the mains power supply.


  • Long service life
  • Compact design
  • Only rotary movement (no axial stroke)


  • Food processing machinery
  • Laser and optical applications
  • Sorting machines

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General Technical Specifications

Technical Data  
Nominal voltage 24 V DC / 205 V DC, other voltages on request
Duty cycle 100% ED / 40 / 25 / 5% ED on request
Connection Flying leads, standard length 20 cm / other dimensions on request
Rotary angle 25° / 35° / 45° / 65° / 95°
Inital torque 0.2 Ncm - 480 Ncm
Thermal classification B

Further Products of the Kuhnke Rotary Line

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