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rotary solenoids

Kuhnke Rotary Line

Rotary Solenoids

The rotary solenoids of the Kuhnke Rotary Line are designed for applications in mechanical engineering, for medical and laboratory technology as well as mobile machines in transport and traffic. The solenoids are available in cylindrical and square types as well as two-directional rotary solenoids.

Kuhnke Rotary Solenoids by Kendrion

The rotary solenoids of the Kuhnke Rotary Line especially match applications in mechanical engineering, in medical and laboratory technology or in the field of mobile machinery & transportation. Such rotary solenoids have a proven record as activation solenoids for sorting gates, throttles and locking systems. A shaft with ball bearings on both sides ensures precise positioning and maximum durability. Because it is insensitive to linear acceleration, such rotary solenoids are also used for railway engineering as well as devices in aircrafts.

Single-stroke versions are available in two versions. The Kuhnke D series consists of rotary solenoids in a cylindrical form factor. The Kuhnke E series feature a square form factor, offering higher efficiency with more torque at a minimum of space.

Kuhnke rotary solenoids are available in a variety of models. Basic designs are single-stroke rotary solenoids with return spring and reversing rotary solenoids with two coils. Custom designed versions for special applications are available on request. These include models with plug-in terminals, modified shaft or application-specific mounting holes.


  • Long service life
  • Compact design
  • Only rotary movement (no axial stroke)

  • Food processing machinery
  • Laser and optical applications
  • Sorting machines

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