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Overview AC and DC Solenoids

Kuhnke Linear Line

Linear Solenoids

The Kuhnke Linear Line consists of open single-stroke solenoids made in cost-efficient open-frames technology. These solenoids are also available as bistable versions with permanent magnet support, as well as closed high-performance solenoids designed for high life expectancy.

Kuhnke Solenoids from Kendrion

Kuhnke Linear Line solenoids are primarily designed for applications in fields such as devices, energy technology, mechanical engineering as well as medical and laboratory technology. The Kuhnke Linear Line consists of single-stroke solenoids made in cost-effective open-frame technology as well as closed-frame Heavy Duty Linear solenoids designed for high life expectancy.

Such single-stroke solenoids are available in a variety of designs, featuring pulling and pushing solenoids, as well as combi type solenoids with integrated return spring. Custom designed versions for special applications with characteristics, such as integrated terminals, customised force adjustment, customised mounting options or maintenance-free armatures are available on special request.

Bistable linear solenoids with permanent magnet support are especially suited for device construction and applications in the field of energy technology. Typical of such applications are requirements, such as high holding power in combination with low energy consumption and low switching frequency. Locking devices can also be operated without mains supply with either batteries or solar energy.

Kuhnke high-performance solenoids with maintenance-free armature bearings are designed for requirements, such as high switching frequencies, long lifespan or especially demanding operating conditions. Due to their modular design, our solenoids are available in numerous variants, including splash proof types.

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation develops and manufactures custom-designed versions all the way to complete mechatronic units including the electronic system for control and position detection.

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