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Kuhnke Regulator Line

Kuhnke Regulator Line

Pressure Regulators

Kuhnke pressure regulators convince through there very precise regulation characteristics and high realizable flow rates. They are used in various applications ranging from medical technology and machine building to vehicle applications.

At a glance: Kuhnke Pressure Regulators

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Precision Pressure Regulators and Miniature Pressure Regulators

Product Information

Kuhnke precision pressure regulators have high flow rates and very precise regulation properties. These are based on a small reinforced membrane inside the regulator. The output pressure is held at a constant level even when the input pressure varies.

Due to the modular design of Kuhnke pressure regulators the materials of the housing, cover and seals can be easily adapted in a cost competitive manner. NBR (standard), EPDM and Viton (FKM) are available as basic seal materials. The housing can be made of POM (standard) or nickel-plated brass (standard).

With their small and compact shape, Kuhnke pressure regulators fit into various industrial and medical technology applications. The enclosed screws and o-rings facilitate easy installation when using the flange version of the plastic pressure regulators. Options for pneumatic connection range from M5 or G1/8 female thread to 1/8 NPTF.

Kuhnke miniature pressure regulators with M5 female threads were built for extremely small installation conditions and small pressure ranges.

Our standard pressure regulators can be delivered with bleeder ports for the use of air and neutral gases, or without bleeder ports for water (filtered and softened). On request Kuhnke pressure regulators can be produced to suit oxygen, drinking water and many other non-listed media.

The manual adjustment of the pressure regulators can be done using a rotary knob or screw driver. Pressure regulators can be delivered with fixed regulation as a special edition.

The robust design of Kuhnke pressure regulators ensures a reliable function and a long lifetime.


  • Precise with small hysteresis
  • Small, compact and modular design
  • With or without bleeder port
  • Usable with various media (e.g. air, water, CO2, oxygen, drinking water)
  • Durable and robust

The purpose of a pressure regulator is to regulate a (varying) input pressure down to a constant, but smaller output pressure. These membrane pressure regulators only work by mechanics. They contain a control bolt that is connected with a spring-pretensioned membrane. The pretensioning of the membrane is done via a rotary knob or a screw driver. The resulting counterforce on the membrane acts against the force that is working on the membrane by the input pressure. The membrane starts to move if forces are unequal and thus the control bolt opens or closes an opening vent. The state of the opening vent causes a pressure drop that is equivalent to the counterforce and adjusted output pressure. The output pressure remains at a constant level.

The maximum flow through the pressure regulator is influenced by the opening vent and the balance of forces, the adaption of a pressure regulator to a specific application always needs to be done on basis of input pressure, output pressure and the required flow at that output pressure.

Because of their modular design and very precise regulation properties Kuhnke precision pressure regulators are widely used in many different industries.

  • Applications:

  • Respiratory and anesthesia devices
  • Dental technology
  • Seat comfort systems
  • Analysis technology

General Technical Specifications

Technical Data  
Pressure range 0 to 10 bar
Pressure range of setting Approx. 0.1 to 8 bar
Max. flow rate Up to 200 l/min

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