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Kuhnke Regulator Line

Kuhnke Regulator Line

Pressure Regulators

Kuhnke pressure regulators convince through there very precise regulation characteristics and high realizable flow rates. They are used in various applications ranging from medical technology and machine building to vehicle applications.

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Product Information

Kuhnke Pressure Regulators

The solid and universally usable Kuhnke pressure regulators convince through their high flow rates and very precise regulation properties, which are based on its very small integrated and reinforced membrane.

Every Kuhnke pressure regulator series can be delivered with or without bleeder port. The Kuhnke pressure regulators without bleeder port can be used with media like water (filtered and softened) as well as with inert gases. Kuhnke pressure regulators can be modified for usage with other gases on request.

Kuhnke pressure regulators are available in brass or plastic with M5 or G1/8 thread connection and for subplate mounting. The manual adjustment of Kuhnke pressure regulators can be done by rotary knob or screw driver. Pressure regulators with fixed regulation can be delivered as special edition.

General Technical Specifications

Technical Data  
Pressure range 0 to 10 bar
Pressure range of setting Approx. 0.1 to 8 bar
Max. flow rate Up to 200 l/min

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