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Kuhnke Pneumatic Supplementary Products

Kuhnke Pneumatic Control Line

Pneumatic Supplementary Products

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation offers pneumatic timers, pneumatic-electrical converters as well as check valves and flow regulators to realize complex pneumatic controls or single functions. Applications can be found even in very specific areas.

Kuhnke Pneumatic Supplementary Products from Kendrion

The Kuhnke pneumatic timers are very special supplementary products, which are used as valves with switch-on delay or switch-off delay. Kuhnke pneumatic timers do not use any electrical components and thus are usable even in sensitive environments.

Kuhnke PE-converters with M5 thread or flange connection and electrical contacts convert pneumatic pressure signals to electrical signals.

To indicate if pressure is on, the simple but functional Kuhnke pneumatic indicators can be used.

Kuhnke check valves and flow regulators are components to control flow and are delivered with fixed or variable controllable orifice. Kuhnke logic elements complete the product program.

All these supplementary products help building up comfortable pneumatic controls, which work even without electrical power supply.

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