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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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General Requirements for Packaging Machines

Control technology for packaging machines. Flexible and highly efficient systems not only contribute to cost reductions, but also increase the processing sped of your machine.
The packaging industry is characterized by a number of specific requirements. In addition, there are numerous legal regulations and a market that demands a continuously high quality level at low costs. Kendrion Kuhnke Automation offers innovative technologies which open up completely new opportunities. We support you with the design of packaging machines offering precisely the characteristics demanded by the market. Doing so, we are your competent partner for research and development and able to accompany you through the complete life cycle of your machine.

Hygiene and cleanliness
The packaging industry operates according to clearly defined standards referring to hygiene and cleanliness. Kendrion Kuhnke Automation knows the special requirements of the industry and develops customized solutions. This not only includes the use of food proof materials and seals, but also a specfic product design, featuring plain surfaces and flush connection technologies to allow easy cleaning.

Environment compatibility
The protection of our environment is more than an ethical issue. It is also controlled by numerous local and international regulations. Conforming to German and European legal requirements, Kendrion Kuhnke Automation is an environment conscious partner for the packaging industry.

Speed translates into direct financial benefits for your customers. For this reason, modern production systems go to the limits of what is physically possible for both machine components and materials. Kendrion Kuhnke Automation supports industrial real-time data communication and is able to simulate design concepts way before the first prototype.

Maximum availability
Any standstill costs money. That‘s why the flawless function of a packaging machine is of utmost importance. Kendrion Kuhnke Automation‘s solution is called ReCoM and allows continuous monitoring and analysis of all vital machine parameters. This points out to critical changes at an early stage and allows early reactions within scheduled maintenance cycles. Unplanned failures become the exception, while maintenance costs are reduced and the availability reaches new dimensions.

Constant quality level
Fast processes need to run at a high level of precision and quality that remains unchanged over many hours or even days. This is accomplished by means of complex regulating circuits. Kendrion Kuhnke Automation offers customer-specific mechatronic solutions designed to optimize automatic processes.

Our Benefits for you in Packaging Machines

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation means hygiene up to the detail
Many areas of a packaging system require extra careful attention to hygiene. For this reason, all control elements of Kendrion Kuhnke Automation are designed to conform at least to protection IP 65. This means, they allow easy cleaning with compressed air or water. Our industry-specific design includes flush mounted touch screens to effectively prevent any buildup of dirt.

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation means durability
Mechanical components for machine control by Kendrion Kuhnke Automation are the result of many years of experience. They are designed for minimum wear and a long trouble-free life cycle. By means of stringent quality test programs we guarantee continuous operation and low service requirements, thereby contributing to the highest possible level of availability.

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation supports your design process
Real-time simulation of machines and drives helps to discover critical situations at an early stage. This not only supports a streamlined design process with superior results, but also helps to validate innovative solutions with dynamic multi-axial servo drives. Such advanced simulation allows design and virtual testing of the control program parallel to the mechanical design process. As a result, the machine will be faster and free from software related imperfections right from the start.

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation prevents product piracy
Increasing product piracy calls for comprehensive protection of any new machine design against undesired imitation. The solution from Kendrion Kuhnke Automation is called Ventura Life Protect. It represents a modular concept made up of specific solutions individually adapted to any machine design. At the center of this concept are intelligent measures to prevent any copying of the software components of control systems and related applications.

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation stands for speed
Fast machines require quickly responding components. Kendrion Kuhnke Automation is not only a specialist for pneumatic and electromechanical components. We also take care of control systems which are able to live up to the speed requirements of modern machine design. This includes fast real-time communication with EtherCAT®.

Kendrion Kuhnke Automation lowers energy consumption
The efficient use of energy is at the center of any modern machine design. Kendrion Kuhnke Automation has developed comprehensive concepts to lower the energy requirements of machines and reduce operating costs. One typical means is the decentral and demand-driven vacuum supply.