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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Energy-efficient & safe dosing, switching, locking and controlling

Appliances and Industrial Equipment

Appliances and Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment such as industrial washing machines or professional kitchen technology with ovens, hot air and combination cookers requires a high degree of reliability and longevity and often needs to enable 24 hours of continuous operation. Defined installation spaces often require custom design and a high degree of miniaturization. Whether its about locking technology, exhaust/supply operation, draining and liquid handling or operator terminals with micro processor control – with solenoid actors, electronics and pneumatics we offer three fields of expertise that make us the ideal partner for this industry. Especially the locking technology plays a central role in this field and needs to comply with the specific requirements of numerous standards, such as VDE finger safety regulation or emergency locking without compromise. For such applications, Kendrion Kuhnke Automation develops and manufactures application-optimized electromechanical locks that feature an actor based upon a solenoid or powerful motorized drive.