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Kendrion N.V. es una empresa pública de responsabilidad limitada incorporada bajo las leyes de Holanda, con sus oficinas registradas en Zeist.

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Kendrion Commercial Vehicle Systems, LINNIG, belt-drive systems, Torsional vibration dampers for crankshafts, LDD

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Sistemas de impulsión por bandas

Tecnología de punta que permite tranquilidad en el compartimiento de motor. Empleando poleas desviadoras y tensoras, con o sin función amortiguadora y amortiguamiento de vibraciones torsionales, los sistemas de impulsión por bandas son desarrollados a la medida del requerimiento de cada cliente.

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Kendrion belt-drive systems

A look under the engine bonnet of your bus or coach will reveal several Kendrion components in the areas of engine cooling, air conditioning and belt management. For decades, the longestablished company - headquartered in Markdorf near Lake Constance - has been the name for intelligent system solutions in drive technology with its LINNIG brand. Thanks to innovative research and development, we respond swiftly to the latest trends in the commercial vehicle industry and are a proven reliable partner to our customers.

From the crankshaft to the auxiliary units – Kendrion ensures smooth running!

Many years of experience have shown that diesel engines run unevenly - especially in the lower speed range - causing high levels of vibration at the crankshaft. These vibrations are transmitted via the drive belts to the auxiliary units, such as the A/C compressor and the fan drive. The consequences hereof are noise emissions, wear and fastening problems as well as increased energy consumption. This is where Kendrion drive-belt system comes in: It provides for smooth-running in the engine compartment, while increasing the service life of the auxiliary units and improving the energy balance. Advantages that will continue to play a decisive role in the future.

More stringent exhaust emission standards demand belt management – We have the solution!

Belt management will be facing major challenges in a variety of applications. The vibration problem is further intensified through modified combustion processes, higher torques and power outputs, the reduction of centrifugal masses, as well as through increasingly stringent emissions standards. The engines run with increased injection pressure and can thus tend to greater irregularities. The use of a dual-mass flywheel is often not sufficient here. Increased vibration behavior still occurs, possibly leading to the above mentioned wear and noise problems as well as increased energy consumption. Not, however, with Kendrion products. State-of-the-art technology provides for quiet running in the engine compartment. By deploying , with or without damping function, as well as the torsional vibration damper, belt-management systems are tailored to customer requirements.

Flexible installation and – The optimal system for any applicational case

Thanks to its flexible installation, the torsional vibration damper can be used for a variety of arrangements in the engine compartment: Kendrion system can be installed both on the crankshaft as well as in the drive train. The solution is available either as a pure torsional vibration damper for up to three belt levels, or, as additional functionality on an idler with integrated damper. Here, different belt profiles can be used, such as the classic SPB Vbelt or the poly V-belt. The desired characteristics are adapted to the respective application, depending on customer situation. After dimensioning and designing the torsional vibration damper, it is tested in the vehicle in order to check the properties in detail. The required characteristic curve is temperature-independent, which underlines the reliability of the system.