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Kendrion N.V. es una empresa pública de responsabilidad limitada incorporada bajo las leyes de Holanda, con sus oficinas registradas en Zeist.

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Engine-cooling systems with electromagnetic fan clutches

Eficiencia y economía

Sistemas de enfriamiento de motor

Las unidades principales del sistema de enfriamiento de motor de Kendrion son los embragues electromagnéticos para ventilador controlados electrónicamente disponibles en versiones de 2 y 3 velocidades. Estos sistemas de embragues permiten el enfriamiento del motor a la demanda.

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Kendrion engine-cooling systems

Safety, efficiency, comfort, durability and environmental protection are the main demands placed on the drive technology of commercial vehicles. For almost 40 years, these subjects have been the focus of Kendrion Commercial Vehicles. We offer intelligent solutions for all leading vehicle manufacturers, particularly in the area of engine cooling.

Efficient engine cooling means saving fuel

The primary units of Kendrion engine-cooling systems are electronically controlled electromagnetic fan clutches, available in 2-speed and 3-speed versions. These clutch systems enable demandmeeting engine cooling to be realized. After all, maximum fan speed is only required occasionally. Switching the units down to a lower speed range saves energy. So, the essential strength of the system, its efficiency, is a result of its function: Demand-meeting engine cooling at high efficiency has significant potential in cutting down fuel costs.

Accurate heat removal depending on individual output curve

Depending on the application, Kendrion technology adapts to the customer‘s output curve and can thus ensure accurate, very swift heat removal: Kendrion fan clutches of the LINNIG brand fully engage the fan within 0.5 seconds, and thus draw off heat immediately. The maximum engine power is always available without the reduction of engine output in case of imminent overheating. Because of the linear speed characteristic of the fan drive, speed increases up to the maximum engine capacity are not required, as can be the case with Visco clutches.

Kendrion Commercial Vehicles - We magnetise the world

Competent solutions in drive technology, innovation and precision – this is what Kendrion’s business are Commercial Vehicles and its products of the LINNIG brand stand for, already since 1971. Kendrion consequently continues to develop its successful concepts in the market, which are subject to ongoing inspections. The results are reflected in the following important factors: Energy saving, environmental protection, convenience and safety. Owing to Kendrion‘s tried-and-tested modular system, the solutions can be tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our highly motivated employees are the backbone of Kendrion's success. They identify themselves with the company, know and significantly contribute to the markets with their knowhow. Their experience, competency, and innovative strength are decisive success factors for the future.

Next to our headquarters in Markdorf at Lake Constance, our international presence is manifested through production facilities in Mexico, the USA, the Czech Republic, Brazil, China and India. Additionally, our global partner network is readily available to serve customers locally. With it, Kendrion today provides goods and services of the LINNIG brand worldwide to more than 800 customers in over 40 countries.