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Kendrion N.V. es una empresa pública de responsabilidad limitada incorporada bajo las leyes de Holanda, con sus oficinas registradas en Zeist.

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Kendrion Commercial Vehicle Systems, LINNIG, switchable clutches for auxiliary units, pneumatic clutches

Durable y compacto

Embragues conmutables para unidades auxiliares

Cuando una unidad auxiliar requiera de una acoplamiento / desacoplamiento confiable, el embrague neumático de Kendrion es la correcta selección. Con ello, el acoplamiento del embrague puede llevarse a cabo de manera inmediata o sobre un periodo de hasta varios segundos con una progresión moderada.

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Kendrion pneumatic clutches of the LINNIG brand

For almost 40 years, Kendrion (Markdorf) GmbH is the brand name for competent solutions in drive technology. As a reliable and innovative partner, we develop competent solutions with our customers and continue to further develop them. We serve customers of the most : From the motor vehicle industry over fire-protection technology to general engineering – Kendrion technologies connect decades of experience with state-of-the-art know-how.

From the very beginning, pneumatic clutches played a decisive role in this development. In addition to electromagnetic clutches, pneumatic clutches also form another important column of our product portfolio. Their continuous success is a result of their primary features: Kendrion pneumatic clutches of the LINNIG brand are of light weight, narrow build and robust. Clutch engagement can take place swiftly or over a period of several seconds with moderate progression – a flexibility that satisfied, long-term customers appreciate as much as new Kendrion customers do.

Trust the original!

Did you know that Kendrion Commercial Vehicles was the first company that developed this technology for pneumatic clutches? Thanks to the use of sintered linings, a suitable solution for the special requirements of sludge-vacuum vehicles was already on the market in the 1970‘s. Ever since, the pneumatic clutch was continuously further optimized in terms of the lining wear resistance and the service life of the pressure discs. Thus, the pneumatic clutch is used in a great variety of the most different vehicles: Whenever auxiliary units require reliable engagement or disengagement, the original Kendrion pneumatic clutch of the LINNIG brand is the right choice. Have our engineers develop the optimal solution for your application - Please inquire!

Kendrion Commercial Vehicles - We magnetise the world

Competent solutions in drive technology, innovation and precision – this is what Kendrion’s business area Commercial Vehicles and its products of the LINNIG brand stand for, already since 1971. Kendrion consequently continues to develop its successful concepts in the market, which are subject to ongoing inspections. The results are reflected in the following important factors: Energy saving, environmental protection, convenience and safety. Owing to Kendrion‘s tried-and-tested modular system, the solutions can be tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Our highly motivated employees are the backbone of Kendrion's success. They identify themselves with the company, know and significantly contribute to the markets with their knowhow. Their experience, competency, and innovative strength are decisive success factors for the future.

Next to our headquarters in Markdorf at Lake Constance, our international presence is manifested through production facilities in Mexico, the USA, the Czech Republic, Brazil, China and India. Additionally, our global partner network is readily available to serve customers locally. With it, Kendrion today provides goods and services of the LINNIG brand worldwide to more than 800 customers in over 40 countries.