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Pneumatic clutches

Pneumatic clutches

Kendrion LINNIG's pneumatic clutches are used for engaging and disengaging the most varying auxiliary units, such as vacuum and high-pressure pumps - We'll certainly cover your application, too!

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Convincing features

  • No spark formation
  • Simple and compact construction
  • Easy to service
  • Maintenance-free due to hermetical seal
  • No residual torque
  • Long service life
  • No gearing
  • Surface-treated friction surfaces enable very high switching frequency
  • Slower engagement possible for reduced loading or stress on the auxiliary units
  • Torque-transmission without torsional play

Product information

For almost 40 years, Kendrion Commercial Vehicles is the brand name for competent solutions in drive technology. From the very beginning, pneumatic clutches played a decisive role in this development.

Their continuous success is a result of their primary features: Kendrion pneumatic clutches of the LINNIG brand are of light weight, narrow build and robust. Clutch engagement can take place swiftly or over a period of several seconds with moderate progression – a flexibility that satisfied, long-term customers appreciate as much as new Kendrion customers do.

Trust the original!

Did you know that Kendrion was the first company that developed this technology for pneumatic clutches?

Thanks to the use of sintered linings, a suitable solution for the special requirements of sludge-vacuum vehicles was already on the market in the 1970's. Ever since, the pneumatic clutch was continuously further optimized in terms of the lining wear resistance and the service life of the pressure discs.

Thus, the pneumatic clutch is used in a great variety of the most different vehicles: Whenever auxiliary units require reliable engagement or disengagement, the original Kendrion pneumatic clutch of the LINNIG brand is the right choice.

Specifications and technical data

Tightening torque Md in Nm:3006001,0001,5002,500
RPM, max.:3,5003,5003,5002,5002,000
Min. pressure in bar:66666
Housing Ø in mm:200243300342379
Housing length in mm:6169.370.386108.5
Overall length, min.-max. in mm*:121-162140.3-227.3156.3-271.3225-301280-375
Hole circle:187/8 x 45°227/8 x 45°280/8 x 45°323/12 x 30°358/12 x 30°
Hub Ø in mm*:19-4826-6535-7522-8550-90
Hub length in mm*:38-11540-14542-18778-17888-223
Pulley Ø, min.-max. in mm*:112-355118-335180-335200-450300-446
Belt marks, min.-max.*:2 x SPA - 5 x SPB1 x SPB - 8 x SPB3 x SPB - 10 x SPB4 x SPC - 12x SPB6 x SPC - 10 x SPC
Shaft length*:-329 - 600340 - 632465 - 673514.5 - 1234.5
Shaft Ø*:-40-5040-5555-6070-76.8
Rotary connection:M16 x 1.5M16 x 1.5M16 x 1.5M16 x 1.5M16 x 1.5
Rotary connection of shaft clutch:-M10 x 1.5M10 x 1.5M10 x 1.5M10 x 1.5
Universal shaft Ø in mm*:-90-120100-120120-150120-168.2
Hole circle*:-LK 74.5 4 x 90° - LK 101.5 8 x 45°LK 84 12 x 30°-LK 101.5 16 x 22.5°LK 101.5 16 x 22.5°-LK 130 8 x 45°LK 101.5 26 x 22,5° -LK 155.6 8 x 45°

*Current product range; other versions possible upon request

Further switchable clutch products for auxiliary units

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