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Electromagnetic clutches for auxiliary units LA40

Electromagnetic clutches for auxiliary units

Auxiliary units must be reliable at all times, particularly in vehicles that handle important tasks. The resistance against dust and moisture and the emergency-off fuction make the difference.

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Product information

In the municipal area, Kendrion electromagnetic clutches of the LINNIG brand are primarily used in disposal/waste-collection vehicles for engaging/disengaging hydraulic pumps. Here, the clutch ensures that the hydraulic pump is engaged during the loading procedure and disengaged during travel. Energy savings and wear reduction of the pump are the effects of this technology – benefiting the auxiliary units, the environment – and our customers as the vehicle operators!

Another important function – specifically when being used in disposal/waste-collection vehicles – is having the possibility to immediately stop the hydraulic system in emergencies, and thus the press from any given operation point – The so-called emergency-off function is a real life-saver. Kendrion's technology - Tried and tested!

Kendrion's electromagnetic clutches are also used in fire-fighting vehicles for actuating water pumps. Another application of Kendrion's electromagnet technology is found in hybrid vehicles at airports. Kendrion clutches provides for reliable, on-demand switching between the electric motor and the combustion engine.

For all these individual applications in municipal vehicles, Kendrion also stands out through high flexibility in terms of customer requirements. In this manner, Kendrion's electromagnetic clutches are adapted to the specific applications, for example by dimensioning pulleys and bearings to customer requirements and operating conditions.

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Specifications and technical data

Torque:Up to 3000 Nm

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