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Electromagnetic clutches for air compressors

Electromagnetic clutches for air compressors

Ready to brake, at any time – The electromagnetic clutch of the LINNIG brand provides significant advantages when it comes to producing compressed air in vehicles.

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Convincing features

  • Fuel savings and emission reductions through demand-actuated switching
  • Noise elimination in no-load operation
  • Wear reduction on the compressors
  • Zero maintenance
  • High service life through high-performance bearings and state-of-the-art material and surface technologies

Product information

Kendrion electromagnetic clutches for air compressors of the LINNIG brand allow for demand-meeting operation of the compressed-air system in vehicles. Due to energy consumption and wear, continuous operation of air compressors is the reason for high costs. This is where Kendrion's technology comes in: The compressor is only operated, when actually needed. This generally amounts to between 10% and 20% of the operating time.

Examples for applications of these electromagnetic clutches:

  • Tractors: For this application, air is required only when driving with a pneumatically braked trailer as well as when operating the tire-inflation system. For the remaining time, the air compressors can be switched off.
  • Rail vehicles: In diesel-electrical shunting locomotives, compressed air is used for the braking system. In this application, too, the compressed air is required only in certain situations. For example, when freight cars or wagons stand idle for long periods and pressure-loss occurs.

This technology can also be applied in a variety of other vehicles with compressed-air systems. Feel free to contact us - We look forwards to hearing from you.

Specifications and technical data

Torque:60 to 750 Nm
Voltage:12 or 24 V

Further switchable clutch products for auxiliary units

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