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Kendrion N.V. is a public limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, with its registered office in Zeist.

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Hydraulic on/off and proportional solenoids

Play it safe - With hydraulic solenoids from Kendrion!

Hydraulic On-Off and Proportional Solenoids

Profit from over a century of our experience as a competent development partner for electromagnetic actuators.

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Our strength are forces!

The principle of energy conversion underlies the product. Our hydraulic solenoids transform electrical signals into mechanical movement which regulate the pressure and flow of the hydraulic fluid through hydraulic valves.

The hydraulic solenoids from Kendrion have a pressure-sealed armature chamber and are maintenance-free. Their advantage is the capability of servicing the system with the hydraulic circuit remaining sealed.We offer our hydraulic solenoids in various standard configurations and sizes, or they are tailored to your requirements.

Your future depends on our quality

The requirements of commercial vehicles and machines are ever increasing. Customers expect performance improvements, energy efficient systems and a high level of system integration while price levels are maintained.

The brands Kendrion and BINDER guarantee these high requirements and quality expectations in line with the market conditions.The combination of know-how and a worldwide presence offer the best opportunities for a successful partnership with our customers: high-quality and flexible manufacturing of innovative products combined with outstanding quality at a market-oriented price.

Kendrion Commercial Vehicles - We magnetise the world

Competent solutions in drive technology, innovation and precision – this is what Kendrion’s business area Commercial Vehicles and its products of the BINDER brand stand for. Kendrion consequently continues to develop its successful concepts in the market, which are subject to ongoing inspections. The results are reflected in the following important factors: Energy saving, environmental protection, convenience and safety. Owing to Kendrion‘s tried-and-tested modular system, the solutions can be tailored to the individual requirements of our customers.

Our highly motivated employees are the backbone of Kendrion's success. They identify themselves with the company, know and significantly contribute to the markets with their knowhow. Their experience, competency, and innovative strength are decisive success factors for the future.

Next to our headquarters in Markdorf at Lake Constance, our international presence is manifested through production facilities in Mexico, the USA, the Czech Republic, Brazil, China and India. Additionally, our global Partner Network is readily available to serve customers locally. With it, Kendrion today provides goods and services of the BINDER brand worldwide to more than 800 customers in over 40 countries.