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Kendrion fan clutch with angle gearbox

Angle gearboxes

We're thinking ahead - Around the corner! Innovative gearbox technology from Kendrion for lateral radiator positioning – in combination with a fan clutch or as stand-alone auxiliary unit.

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Convincing features

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Long service life through integrated gearbox ventilation
  • Long oil-change intervals
  • Below specified noise requirements
  • Design variants including up to Euro 6
  • Designs dimensioned for large fan capacity and high speeds
  • Customer-specific layout of interfaces
  • Easy maintenance and servicing

Product information

Kendrion's angle gearbox of the LINNIG brand convinces with its impressive compact and weight-optimized design. It enables lateral radiator installation in buses and coaches, allowing for flexible and efficient layout of the cooling system.

Powered by the engines belt drive, the use of angle gearboxes allows for otherwise additionally required components, such as pumps, valves or hosing packages, to be omitted. The installation effort as well as the activation and control are reduced to a minimum, along with the costs.

We're talking 'pure mechanical power transfer from the engine's belt drive to the fan'. Compared with all other clutch technologies on the market, Kendrion realizes the highest efficiency for fan clutches.

When combined with a 2- or 3-speed fan clutch, which can be positioned either upstream or downstream of the angle gearbox, you're looking at a compact system solution that convinces through fuel savings and high efficiency.

The arrangement of the fan clutch in front of the angle gearbox offers special advantages. This design reduces the average gearbox speed and thus the loading on the gearbox, resulting in reduced noise levels and an extremely positive increase of the complete system's service life.

Mechanical interfaces are the open bearing frame for the radiator fan as well as the mounting supports. The complete system includes a universal shaft and an idler. The LLW200 system is available with a damped or an undamped idler. For detailed information, please log on to our home page under Idlers and Universal shafts.

Kendrion's angle gearboxes of the LINNIG brand are used worldwide under any imaginable operating conditions.

Product details

  Angle gearbox without fan clutch Fan clutch downstream of angle gearbox Fan clutch upstream of angle gearbox
Designation: LLW200 LLW100 LLW202 / LLW203
Transferable torque: 300 Nm 180 Nm (with 2-speed fan clutch) / 150 Nm (with 3-speed fan clutch) Up to 300 Nm, depending on fan clutch variant
Diameter of driven fans: Up to approx. 1,000 mm Up to approx. 800 mm Up to approx. 1,000 mm
Supply voltage: - 12 or 24 V 12 or 24 V
Max. output speed, fan: 3,300 rpm 3,100 rpm 3,300 rpm
Ratio in angle gearbox: i = 1.04 i = 1.18 i = 1.04
Allowable continuous temperature: 110°C 100°C 110°C
Oil-change interval: 180,000 km 90,000 km 180,000 km

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