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Housing-mounted clutches for A/C compressors

Housing-mounted clutches for A/C compressors

A comfortable climate in your vehicle - for any kind of weather. Entering a heated-up bus is a thing of the past!

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Convincing features

  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Slim designs possible
  • Permanent bearing roll-off both in engaged and disengaged state
  • Reduced loading of the compressor drive through force absorption via the housing
  • Robust drive concept, ensuring high reserve against wear

Product information

Kendrion's compressor clutches of the LINNIG brand are used throughout the world in bus/coach applications under the most harsh conditions – To the fullest satisfaction of our customers. Our clutches are used for driving all commercially available compressors.

The geometry of the clutch pulley is manufactured to customer requirements, and an additional rib for driving the generator is no problem. Accessory components, such as slip monitoring, temperature shut-off or micro-pulsing can also be supplied. These products protect the clutch against exterior influences, such as voltage drop, overtemperature or continuous engagement, and thus extend the service life of the clutch.

Rest assured that we will provide a competent solution for your compressor application - We look forward to hearing from you.

Clutches for Thermoking compressors

Applications: X426/X430
Type of clutch: LA18
Speed: Max. permissible: 3,500 rpm
Voltage: 12 V and 24 V

Clutches for Bitzer compressors

Applications: F400
Type of clutch: LA400 / LA600
Speed: Max. permissible: 4,000 rpm
Voltage: 12 V and 24 V

Clutches for Valeo compressors

Type of clutch: LA27 / LA21 / LA18
Speed: Max. permissible: 5,300 rpm
Voltage: 12 V and 24 V

Further compressor drive products

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