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Torsional vibration damper for crankshafts LDDflex

Torsional vibration dampers for crankshafts – LDD and LDDflex

A new dimensions of quiet-running through damped belt drives – thanks to Kendrion's permanent-magnet technology!

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Convincing features

  • Practically vibration-free belt run
  • Wear-free operation through permanent-magnet damping stage
  • High efficiency
  • Application-specific adjustable damping curve
  • Extended service life of belts and auxiliary units
  • Simple assembly and easy to service
  • Belt wobbling is eliminated

Product information

Particularly in the lower speed range, diesel engines run unevenly and thus lead to heavy rotational vibrations at the crankshaft. These vibrations are transmitted via the drive belts to the auxiliary units, such as the A/C compressor and the fan drive. The consequences hereof are noise emissions, wear and fastening problems as well as increased energy consumption. The vibration problem is further intensified through optimized combustion processes, higher torques and power outputs, the reduction of centrifugal masses, as well as through increasingly stringent emissions standards: The engines run with increased injection pressure and can thus tend to greater irregularities.

This is where Kendrion's drive-belt system of the LINNIG brand comes in. Kendrion's torsional vibration damper significantly reduces vibrations in the drive train – while increasing the service life of the auxiliary units and improving the energy balance. In this, the torsional vibration damper ensures double damping of the crankshaft pulley, based on the following two features:

  • Permanent magnets achieve a progressive, smooth damping function while transferring low to medium-range torque.
  • Special rubber dampers are used as the stop for full power transfer of maximum torques.

In this manner, Kendrion's technology meets the demand of ensuring optimal vibration reduction at any speed.

The characteristic curve can be flexibly adapted to individual customer requirements, depending on the number and arrangement of the magnets and the torsional angle.

For different specialty maneuvers, such as the start-stop function, engagement of auxiliary units at high drive speeds or when stalling the engine, this allows for high load peaks in the drive belt to be absorbed. In this manner, the service life of auxiliary units can be considerably prolonged.

Even when retrofitting existing fleets, Kendrion torsional vibration dampers of the LINNIG brand provide a convincing and practical solution, as the installation is very simple: The present pulley package can be replaced as a complete unit – with the immediate result of the desired quiet-running.

The Kendrion torsional vibration damper for crankshafts is available in two versions: The LDD, a tried and tested system that has proven itself for years through extreme high reliability. The LDDflex additionally offers increased flexibility in terms of the possible torsional angle. It enables vibrational torque and force peaks, which develop in extreme conditions, to be reduced if not eliminated.

Specifications and technical data

  The classic – LDD The flexible – LDDflex
Torque: Up to 200 Nm Up to 170 Nm
Torsional angle: 6 - 7° Up to 11°

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