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Tensioning and deflection rollers SPR

Tensioning and deflection rollers

With Kendrion, smooth-running in your engine compartment is ensured – An optimized belt-management system is more than worthwhile!

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Convincing features

  • Robust design
  • Calmed-down belt run
  • High flexibility
  • Prolonged belt service life
  • Optimization of the power transfer
  • Innovative bearing technology

Product informations

Kendrion's tensioning and deflection rollers of the LINNIG brand play an important role in engine-compartment optimization. They are characterized through high flexibility: Depending on the design and arrangement of the drive train, Kendrion - together with the customer - develops an optimized belt-management system that lives up to individual customer requirements.

In this area, special solutions are enabled through our high-speed tensioning and deflection rollers. Due to innovative bearing technology, reliable belt management is possible even at very high radial forces and speeds of up to 10,000 rpm.

Specifications and technical data

  Tensioning and deflection roller High-speed solution
Allowable ambient
- 30 °C to +110°C (optionally down to -50°C) - 30 °C to +110°C (optionally down to -50°C)
Allowable radial forces: 2,500 N 3,000 N
Max. allowable radial forces (short-term) during starting/stopping: 2,900 N 4,000 N
Max. allowable speed (short-term): 6,000 - 7,000 rpm 10,000 rpm

Further belt-drive system products

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