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Municipal vehicle

Switchable clutches for auxiliary units and pressure switches for

Minicipal Vehicles

Kendrion technology for municipal vehicles

Municipal vehicles provide many possibilities for the use of Kendrion clutches of the LINNIG brand. However, these clutches are subject to special requirements. It is very important, that they can be used under difficult conditions. They must operate properly and reliably, even when subject to road dust, rain water, road salt and high ambient temperatures. Kendrion clutches operate reliable even in case of voltage deviations or fluctuation in the vehicle's compressed-air system. Influences on the transferable torque through debris etc. are low, as remainders of oil and moisture that might have made their way between the friction surfaces, evaporate or are burnt away during the engaging procedure.

This insensitivity is what makes the use of engaging/disengaging clutches in road sweepers, tractors, winter road maintenance vehicles possible in the first place. Kendrion's engaging/disengaging clutches of the LINNIG brand are designed for tough and rugged operation.

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